Agnes 107 – 3 Beat Wetwang 106 ao by 7 wickets

“I’d love to go back to Div 4,”

“Agnes were at their greatest in the lower leagues!”

“Let me play Brid Rugby Club ahead of BAB any day of the week!”

These are some of the quotes that have lingered around the bar in previous seasons.

Agnes got their wish on Thursday night to experience what life used to be like. A very under strength Wetwang CC were the opposition and a very tired looking Wetwang CC was the venue.

Charlie Watts opened the bowling and went for 11 runs. This really doesn’t tell the story; two dropped catches, some pathetic fielding and some fluky shots tells the actual tale. Ollie Beckett roared in from the Field End. With unpredictable bounce and a rabbit hole on a length, Beckett really was quite a handful. Many lusty blows and swinging from the hip saw Wetwang end their innings on a very competitive 106 in this 18 over affair. On this track, the older statesmen of the team said this was possibly 15 runs above par.

To really take a trip down memory lane, Mark Beckett opened the innings. With his homemade style of batting, Mark plundered the ball to an array of unusual areas. When he departed it was time for the skipper to walk to the crease. The skipper stroked the ball elegantly to all parts. For curious onlookers it must have been like looking into a time warp. However, the skipper now has much less hair and his waist line is forever increasing.

Tom Norman and Marley Ward saw Agnes home with some sensible shots. The men travelled to the Victoria for after game refreshments. No port moment was awarded and regrettably the fish and chip oyl was shut (sad face).

After tonight’s taster session, the question is; would Agnes trade their life in Division 1 in and return to the days of Stozza and Wing? The answer firmly depends upon which member of the team you ask. Onwards and upwards.

Cup final next week.

Up t’Agnes.

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