Agnes 138-5 18 overs Beat South Dalton Chaps 118 -6 18 overs

In the final stage of ‘returning to normal’ after the pandemic, Agnes boarded the bus at Manor Court to travel for the annual South Dalton Fixture.

The Skipper joined little Richard in the ‘not got permission to play club’. This was a worrying decision for the Skipper with many already calling for his head. Fred Langton wasn’t allowed to play after the bus trip incident from 2018. Ollie Becketts was having a family tour of the Grimsby Fish Finger Museum and Will Watts had to complete 8 hours at a care home in Cirencester as part of his bail conditions.

Mark Becketts opened the batting with Agnes debutant, Glen Quagmire Dodds. They made a careful start against some testing bowling. The game was evenly matched at this point and being played in the correct spirit for this fixture. Enter little Louis from Ossett. Little Louis hit the ball all over South Dalton and impressively hit a tree on the full – the ball ricocheting off and killing a small family of rabbits. Rob Fryer hit his first ever four and thanks to Ossett’s 70 from 14 balls Agnes posted a healthy score.

Stan Fryer and Stan Fryer’s dad opened the bowling. Stan Fryer’s dad having to dig deep in the memory to visualise his 5 wickets against BABB. Debutant number two, Young Frank Brewis was introduced and picked up an impressive 3 wickets. Frank bowling the final over to see Agnes to victory.   

Port was swilled afterwards in the Pipe and Glass. The South Dalton committee decided to award the port moment to ‘Lewis’ for his six hitting exploits. Richard Watts called Burton Agnes ‘burfn afi’ in a drunken speech and most importantly the chefs cooked too many burgers and chips.

The bus was boarded and normality had finally been restored.  A gleaming manager stood proudly on the bus and said, “it doesn’t get much better than that!’

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