Agnes 138 – 9 beat BABB BAB 134 ao

Agnes travelled to BAB on a glorious Thursday evening, a ground that always makes the nerves jangle that little bit more. In recent years, BAB has been guilty of handing out some tremendous beatings.

Agnes arrived and without the eldest Beckett, the Skipper (harvesting), Albert (AWOL) and The Manager which made the away ground feel that little bit more menacing. With these senior figures missing it gave Will Norman the chance to lead from the front with the iron fist approach he has always craved. The MBP won the toss and during this heat wave it made sense to bat.

At 25 – 4 the choice of batting looked catastrophic. This was until Tom Norman saddled up alongside the flamboyant Jamie Nesfield. Jamie launched the ball into the corn field on numerous occasions; every time the ball was lost.  Both men reached their 50 milestone. Jamie, rather appropriately reached his landmark with a 6.

When it was Agnes’ turn to bowl Ollie Beckett and Nesfield bowled exceptionally. After 10 overs the game was won. Skipper Will Norman (wearing a ridiculous wedding veil) decided to rest both bowlers and give others ago. This decision turned out to be almost as bad as Sam Furbank turning his back on the Agnes; a decision that still baffles the writer of this report to this very day.

Ben Brown’s solitary over went for a remarkable 32 runs. Marley Ward was unlucky to be hit for 28 and the game was alive once more. Nesfield and Wragg were reintroduced to the attack but worryingly the runs continued to flow.

With one wicket remaining BAB somehow only needed 6 to win from the final over.  All 5 foot 2 of Sam Wragg toddled to the wicket, with a gentle flick of the wrist the ball spun through the batsmen’s defence and removed the bail from his leg stump. The batsmen fell to his haunches in utter disbelieve. Agnes breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Port moment was a toss-up between Norman, Nesfield and Wragg but it was unanimous that it had to go to Rob Fryer for a 1 in a million stop on the boundary. At full stretch Rob stopped the ball with his shin. Rob has an egg shaped bruise to wear with pride.

Up t’Agnes.

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