Agnes 147-7 beat Middleton 90 – 8

The Agnes met on a glorious summer evening at the Royal Victoria Fields. With the sun beating down, the smell of a freshly prepared Agnes wicket and the view of Sam Appleton’s van in the car park; are there any better sights to see on a summer evening?

In true Agnes fashion for the 2021 season, more men were unavailable than who were available. Matt Nesfield has a confirmed case of ACI (Avoid Cricket Itis). With Matt having such a big nose it has meant that he has been unable to wear a mask – making the transmission of ACI even more fatal. Sam Wragg and Rob Norman have been close contacts with Matt and are both now running out of excuses to not play.

Agnes won the toss and decided to bat. Will Norman’s early season form has deserted him and he was soon back in the hutch. He was closely followed by Sam Stellar Appleton. Marley Ward hung about to support Will Watts but the telling partnership came from the dazzling Will Watts and Sam Moore. The good looking pair stroked the ball to all corners of the ground. Tom Norman arrived late having been bitten by a pig at work and saw Agnes finish on a way above par 147. Will Watts scoring 64 not out and Sam Moore scoring 37.

Middleton made an excellent start to their reply thanks to some great shots. Agnes were looking rattled in the field. Freddie Mercs Langton, who has been a pillar of strength in the field this season, was clearly feeling the added pressure of having his entire family watching him at a sporting event for the first time. The bearded second hand car salesmen was a shivering wreck and needed a few overs in the Fryer positions to recompose himself. Fred did later admit he had soiled himself.

Luckily for The Agnes, the game then swung in their favour thanks to Marley Ward’s left arm spin and Charlie Watts’ leg twea-uck. Albert Boynton gave an LBW that was hitting the middle of middle stump much to the anger of the Middleton Australian and then it was time for Sam Appleton to mop up the tail with 4 wickets. Sam Appleton proved once again that he is not the superhero that Agnes deserve but the superhero that Agnes needed.

Port Moment was awarded back at The Manor, in front of a bruised Mark Chopper Beckett and plenty of pizzas, to Sam Moore. Will Watts, Sam Appleton and Marley Ward all tremendously unlucky to miss out.

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