Agnes 168 – 6 18 Overs Hornsea Lifeboat Crew 68 ao

The Agnes men were on the road this Thursday evening at the Hollis Recreation Ground. With the two Watts turning up late it meant that The MBP and Khan Ward opened up. Khan Ward was dismissed early on and was called sh*t by one of the Hornsea characters. Little Louis from Ossett entered the crease and the game quickly became as one sided as 15 men running at a single toilet cubicle down in Cirencester. 

When Little Louis from Ossett was dismissed, Fred Langton joined the crease. Fred asked for centre stump and then, trying to act like his new hero Joe Root, he tapped his bat on the crease 3 times. With his helpless father looking on, Fred played down the wrong line and was dismissed first ball – much to the delight of some members. Agnes ended on a very healthy 168. MBP 54, Ossett 47, Ollie 30, Fred Bradley 20.

Khan Ward was introduced early into the attack to seek some revenge on the earlier said character. It took Khan all of 3 balls to uproot his middle stump and then return an eye watering volley of insults.

The game was then petering out to a straight forward Agnes victory. This was until Will Watts, unknowingly, managed to cause an upset of Russia –Ukraine levels. With some light drizzle in the air and bowling the dying overs, Will repeatedly said, “I can’t grip the ball, it’s too wet!”. With this, the Hornsea umpires pulled the stumps up and walked for the covers. Mark Beckett’s head spun back 15 years and he was primed and ready for a battle. The game was eventually finished with the Goat doing what he does best and taking wickets – This league really is too easy for him now.

Port moment was awarded to the generous Gerrard Langton.

A big thank you must go out to this week’s match ball sponsor – Bridlington Motor Auction.

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