Agnes 90 ao lost to Flamborough 168 – 3

Marley Ward and the troublesome character of Jamie Nesfield returned. Will Bradley made his debut and Ben Brown is still AWOL. Agnes won the toss and chose to bowl. For the first 6 overs, this seemed like a captaincy masterstroke; balls shooting along the ground, good moral in the field and Marley Ward catching anything that moved behind the sticks.

The first over of this encounter saw a young Will Bradley (possibly the best looking chap to ever play for t’Agnes) bowl many balls that bounced no more than 1 inch. This was met with yelps and screams from Jamie Nesfield, “wah, 30 will be enough on this track!” Oh Jamie.

It was during the 7th over that you may say, ‘the shit hit the fan’. Charlie Watts dropped a catch he would expect to clasp. Mark Beckett’s fuse began to shorten and Tom Norman was launched for some towering sixes. Like Swine Flu, dropping catches is very contagious. For this, we only need to ask Beckett, Wragg, Norman R, Nesfield and probably Dan Fryer. A combination of some excellent hitting, determined running between the wickets and abysmal fielding saw Flamborough post a way above par 168.

The Agnes reply got off to a shocking start. Wragg, Nesfield and Ward all playing an identical pull shot. These lads obviously hadn’t watched the first innings. Charlie Watts had the chance to make amends for his dropped catch. Charlie was regrettably bowled for a first ball duck (Charlie later retired from all forms of cricket). Agnes ended the innings 90ao.

Will this game be remembered for Charlie Watts dropped catch that cost 100? Or for Jamie Nesfield’s disastrous return? Or will it be remembered for the scandal that took place in the Royal Dog and Duck afterwards? The pub that continually throws up famous Agnes evenings.  At this moment in time, there is a lot of hearsay and it all depends on whose side of the story you listen to. Currently, the writer can only confirm that Pedro (Flamborough’s umpire) had a Rolex watch stolen. Will Norman says the timepiece was planted on him by Rob Fryer (the Rob Fyer who was excluded from the prison service for a similar offence). Rob Fryer says that he played no part in this scandal. The end of year dinner will decide these men’s fate.

No port moment.

Up t’Agnes.

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