Agnes Chaps 116-7 beat Rudston 89-4

On a cold gloomy night, the Agnes welcomed local rivals Rudston. Fred Langton was unavailable; Fred’s family released a statement saying, what he has been involved in was not wise, but wasn’t illegal. Little Richard arrived with what looked like his brother but was later discovered to be his 7 year old son. The team agreed to watch their language in the presence of a youngster – only for Richard Watts to serve a volley of expletives when he made a scoring error. And finally, Sam Appleton arrived with an established cricketing friend, who ended up playing for the opposition. Judge McGivern will be called up to decide Sam’s punishment.

This was another win for the Agnes Chaps. Sam Moore top scoring with 29 and Appy taking 2-25

Another win for the Agnes chaps

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