Agnes Chaps 125-5 18 overs beat North Dalton 106-7 18 Overs

The Agnes travelled to North Dalton for what is always an eventful evening. Who can forget last year’s Hospital Cup heroics? Or the time Sam Moore brought along his overweight Labrador that was too lazy to walk.

With the Manager once again scrapping for players at the last minute, it was time for Appy to step in, the Ice Man Glen Quagmire Dodds returned and Tom Norman wrote himself into Agnes folklore by travelling from southern Lincolnshire.

Agnes began well with Wraggy and Marley Ward getting the scorecard moving. Young Gunning and Tom then helped Agnes to post a par score of 125.

At the half way point, it was extreme high tension for the non-travelling support. Richard Watts was listening in an old lorry that had long wave. The MBP was listening nervously on his alarm clock radio from his down stairs toilet and Chopper found an old radio and listened uneasily from his caravan. At 60-1, this was Dalton’s game to lose. The game was then sparked into controversy with the Boris Johnson of the Bridlington Evening League, Breiviks Walgate unsurprisingly at the centre of the storm. Jordans Zamunda took a regulation caught and bowled which Breiviks bewilderingly refused to walked for. This exploded the game into life. With the game on a knife’s edge, Tom Norman then got a direct hit and Appy bowled a double wicket maiden to seal the victory for the Agnes Men. Jim Walgate was seen slamming his Defender door and driving off at high speed. There were also wild scenes from the downstairs toilet, lorry and caravan.

Port moment was awarded to the travelling Tom Norman for his direct hit.

In an exclusive after game interview, North Dalton chairman and brother of the guilty Breiviks Walgate, Ivan Toney Mole said that “Simon is as popular as Phil Schofield in that changing room at the moment. We’ll reflect on his actions and see what direction we take as a punishment”

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