Agnes Chaps 135 – 3 Beat Grindale 134-6 16

The Agnes played at Duke’s Park on a delightful summers evening. Ben Brown failed his lifeguard qualification last Thursday so was resitting it this week. Sam Appleton was at an AA Meeting in Barmby Moor. Richard Watts was allowed back into the scorebox on the condition that he wore an LGBT flag as a jumper. Good news for Agnes, Will Watts has been released from Cirencester prison. Will’s 7pm curfew does however mean he is still unavailable.

Agnes bowled first and Little Louis from Ossett and Tom started well. It was when the Ward Bros came into the attack that the game came to life. Finn Ward was hit for 3 consecutive sixes. It was looking like Finn might make the Bridlington Free Press for all the wrong reasons. Finn however dismissed the destructive batsmen with his 4″ ball and then proceeded to unleash the biggest of send offs, full of expletives and hand gestures to the departing batter. In the field, the ball followed Danny Fryer and Monkey Pox sufferer Fred Langton. Agnes ended strong with Charlie Watts bowling well.

Little Louis from Ossett opened with Tom and made a steady start. When both were dismissed, the Jacketless Sam Moore joined the MBP. Things were looking rope when Moore was out. Watched on by Sam Wragg and his brother, the cool headed Charlie Watts helped The Pig in a partnership that saw the Agnes cross the finish line with an over to spare. Charlie ending on 19 and The Pig on 69.

The after game curry saw Young Ossett have his first pint of Cobra. Mark Beckett then had to sit up with a tearful Louis and a sick bucket until the early hours of the morning. Fred Langton shocked us all by nearly swallowing a boiled egg whole and Danny Fryer downed a pint of Guinness without batting an eye lid.

Port Moment was shared between Charlie Watts and The MBP.

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