Agnes Chaps 163 – 8 18 Overs lost to BABB 173 – 4 18 Overs

Agnes travelled to BABB for the final away game of the season. Will Watts still has 250 hours of community service to complete. Richard Watts was in bed nursing a “hangover from hell” after Tuesday night and Little Richard was working out ways to escape for tonight’s final.

Agnes fielded first and were cheered on, in the sponsored seats, by Lesley Jackson and debutant Frank Brewis’ mum. BABB posted a very healthy 173 from their 18 overs. This was a great effort by BABBB considering Dan Broumpton wasn’t playing – Broumpton still made his presence felt by spreading slurry on the behind field.

Agnes faced some rare pace when they went out to reply. Charlie Watts was nearly decapitated first ball and was soon walking back. Tom Norman was then bounced out. This then saw the second Agnes league debutant, Glenn Quagmire Dodds enter the crease. Glen was dressed from head to toe in his Lancashire junior kit. Seeing the red rose on Glen’s helmet only angered the already pumped up fast bowler. The red rose on Glen’s helmet was nearly smashed first ball by another searing bouncer.

With Agnes now 60-5. The game was all but done. Enter Ollie (Yes Ollie) Becketts. Something has happened to Ollie in Grimsby – his hair was ruffled, he had more hair on his chest and his eyed looked like he hadn’t slept for a week. Ollie blasted 10 sixes and 6 fours in an assault rarely seen. The ball coming back with more and more of Brummy’s slurry on each time. With the Skipper hitting another left handed six, it went right down to the final 3 balls. This was a truly great effort to get so close.

Whilst enjoying a Brandesburton charcuterie board, port moment was awarded to Ollie Grimsby- Becketts.  

We regret to report that the little boy who collected the balls from the slurried field tragically passed away from hepatitis in the early hours of this morning

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