Agnes Redskins 118-6 beat Middleton 118-7

The Agnes travelled to Middleton on an overcast Thursday evening. Sam Appleton was classic Sam Appleton – he was out, then in, then out, then in and then in again before the red ball finally fell on out. Little Richard arrived in a 22 plate Land Rover Defender, further proving that the videos he uses to blackmail Richard Watts have done wonders for his wages.

The Flame opened up with the shirtless Tom. The shirtless Tom being the more economical. Crowd favourite Ben Brown getting the early break through though. The Skipper was then introduced and used all of his experience to pick up a simple 3 wickets. Middleton overseas professional Shane Lehman batted through for Middleton for a well-deserved 60.

Agnes started well, Young Chisel of Carnaby running well.

But once again it was time for Little Louis from Ossett to enter the crease. Little Louis had the impressive line in the scorebook of 6661666. Louis was racing to a 50 in record time until he was snaffled by the wicketkeeper who along with the bowler gave him an excellent send off.

The rain then began to pour and tensions were heightened.

The Agnes were asked to put the plastic chairs inside to stop them from getting wet – yes, this really did happen. Dan Fryer was missing leg side wides and it was looking like the weather may be the winner. This was until a calming Albert Boynton announced that the rain was getting lighter visibility was close to zero at this point. The Agnes reached the finish line just in time with a delightful cover drive from the shirtless Tom.

Port moment was awarded to number 1 draft pick Little Louis from Ossett. This is now 3 times in a row for the ginger haired assassin. Because of Ossett’s 3″ award in a row, proud father Mark decided that it was best that Ollie from Grimsby travelled home in a dog cage to give young Ossett more car space.

In other news, the shirtless Tom was given one of the harshest and most severe punishments of a one game pizza ban by the Agnes committee for continued none shirt wearing. It must be noted that the Skipper poked SGT Wilson in the eyes, causing him to lose sight and he walked away unpunished.

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