BA 153-4 beat MANDCC 121-6

The Agnes welcomed MNDCC for the first round of the return fixtures. The Manager was travelling up first class from London and Fred Langton now has enough grey hairs to be insured and arrive in his dads Aston Martin.

The Watts’ brothers opened the batting and with Col Suggitt bowling his usual spell of 5 overs for 12 runs, it was looking like 100 would be a par score.

Enter Louis Beckett. Louis was dropped for a six over the boundary, this then seemed to kick start Louis into the golden child his dad and grandad are so proud of. Little Louis from Ossett hit ball after ball into Albert’s corn field. Louis was eventually dismissed for 76. Mark Beckett confirmed at the half way point that Ollie Becketts will now be sleeping outside, just in case Louis gets too hot in his own room at night.

MNDCC made an excellent fist at the reply. Alec Stewart Drury and Breiviks Walgate swinging from the hip from ball one. At 100-1 with 5 overs left it was game on. Will Watts and the MBP were involved in a minor fracas at this point but this was glossed over after the game. Little Louis from Ossett and some other bowler from the other end saw the Agnes home with some tight overs.

This turned out to be a classic Agnes victory. The Manager turning up just in time to cap off a good day for him. Port moment was a tough one. Jordans Zamunda took an excellent catch. But it was shared between Little Ossett and rather differently, Breiviks Walgate. Fielding on a dry Agnes outfield always has its challenges, Walgate however proved that with

30 grown men jeering and heckling you that it becomes virtually impossible.

In more after game activity, Tom Norman was fined by the Agnes committee for repeated offences of none shirt wearing.

Tom was given a cocktail of chilli and garlic by henchmen Mark Beckett with The Manager standing over. “Let this be a warning to the rest of you!” were The Managers last words before making a swift get away. We do regret to say that Judge McGivern found Tom in the Manor Court car park this morning. He was pronounced dead at the scene with 4 traces of poison in his system

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