BABBBS (They now have a Sutton player) 147-8  20 Overs beat Agnes 113 ao 19.2 Overs

It’s probably best to not say too much about this game and to draw a line under it. But it’s always fun to try and find blame somewhere. Do we blame Will for winning the toss and bowling? Do we blame Marley and Finn for still being at Scarborough McDonald’s at 6:30? Do we blame Jordans Zamunda for taking an international call at Driffield Post Office and arriving ten overs in? Do we blame it on the returning Will Watts, Ollie Becketts and Tom FraMiddleton? Or is it Stan Fryer’s fault for stopping the first shot of the game (a very hard pulled Brummie sweep) with his sternum?

What we did learn is that the 2 Goats – Flame and the Skipper have become irreplaceable like Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad.

A quick reflection, Brummie did what Brummie does and tw*tt*d 82. BABB batted better than the Agnes, bowled better than the Agnes and fielded better than the Agnes.

Port moment was awarded to Dan Broumpton by The Manager for his innings.

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