RBA 129 – 3 beat Grindale 123-8 by six runs.

On a very overcast evening, the Agnes Chaps assembled at Duke’s Park. A win would guarantee a 3rd place finish which would be the highest for the last 10 seasons.

Mark Beckett was out with whiplash and is still suffering from blurred vision and regular blackouts. Sam Wragg left the WhatsApp group but he was seen walking around the ground with a dog. Sam Appleton did his usual but it was great seeing the big muscular fella there upon arrival. Sam was obviously never read The Boy Who Cried Wolf as a child.

The manager had to make some ruthless decisions. Sam Moore and Skipper Rob Norman who regularly say they’d happily watch soon changed their tune and tossed a coin to see who would play.

Agnes won the toss and batted. Will Norman returned to form and crashed some boundaries in a quick-fire 47. Big Sam Appleton then crashed a quick-fire 28. Will Watts ending on a patient 46 not out as Agnes posted 129-2 from 18.

Things started brilliantly for The Agnes. Superman Sam Appleton removed the permanent thorn in Agnes’ side, James Pick for two with a lovely leg stump yorker. Marley Ward kept things tight at the other end and bowled once again like a seasoned spinner. Jordan Zamunda removed the next danger man, John Major with a direct hit and then the conditions became super overcast. Fred Langton said the rain-ladened skies reminded him of his summer holidays, spent in his uncle’s dark attic were he would be made to handle his uncle’s slippery eels whilst wearing a blindfold. Fred has been advised to phone the police.

Grindale somehow took the game to the last over in near darkness, knowing that a win would see them crowned league champions. Needing 16 from 6 it was Jordan Zamunda tasked with the job of bowling. Added to the pressure, Zamunda knew that all of his family and workforce were crowded around a tiny radio back home in Zimbabwe. Charlie Watts caught a catch that was nearly impossible in the fading light and Agnes won. The win sparking street parties and riots across the capital city of Harare.

Port moment was awarded to Zamunda for his direct hit. Charlie Watts and Skipper Robbie Norm unlucky to miss out with some vintage fielding.

Most of the chaps went for a curry afterward. Ben Brown still not trusting any type of spice after his incident with some spicy beans. Sam Appleton returned home and emptied his back pockets – firstly finding a love letter from Fred Langton. He then removed a can of Stella and then James Pick.   

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