RBA – 130 – 4 beat BAB (&AOB) 89 ao

A star for Beckett.

The Agnes academy has long been the envy of many other clubs in the Bridlington Evening League. The manager has the luxury of calling upon his impressive stable of talented youngsters. The problems of injury, availability, lack of confidence and chronic weight gain do however provide headaches. It was nevertheless a member of the Academy that single handily won this fixture.

Playing the mighty and much feared BAB is never an easy or particularly pleasant task. Louis obviously didn’t get this message. The ginger haired youngster grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and was involved from start to finish.

Will Norman departed in the first over to a ball that reared from a length. This allowed Beckett to join fellow Academy product Will Watts at the crease. It was the arrival of Marley Ward that changed the game; turning ones into two and even ones into threes at times. Louis Beckett then decided enough was enough and began to hit boundary after boundary. Needing 4 off the last ball to secure a much deserved hundred the bowler bowled a wide ball but unfortunately, The Baby Faced Assasin – Fred didn’t give the wide. Beckett ended on a very impressive 96 not out.

It was then time for Beckett and Jamie Nesfield to bowl and build pressure. A very impressive fielding performance and Marley Ward being his usual horrible self behind the stumps meant that it was never a nice experience for BAB. Poor Ricky Riley will justify for Marley’s punishing words. Dan Brumpton held firm and as long as he was at the crease anything was possible. Needing another 41 runs with only 1 wicket left the final wicket fell, fittingly Louis Beckett caught the catch.

Port Moment – an easy one, Sam Wragg.

Up t’Agnes

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