RBA 135-8 20overs beat DRUFCC 113-ao

Agnes travelled to play at Driff Rec. The Watts returned alongside the Skipper and left-wing activist Sam Moore to lift the team after last week’s drubbing at home to Flamborough.

The Flame was dropped after last week’s performance and Jordans Zamunda was made unavailable after Norman Lawry was made aware of some racially offensive tweets that Zamunda sent back in 2012.

*WARNING – True Story* Fred Langton, who declared himself unavailable, was seen chauffeuring a young 15-year-old male to the prom in his dads Aston Martin. Fred was arrested at the scene and his phone was instantly seized. This sort of behaviour will not bode well for Fred at the end of year court session.

Agnes won the toss and batted first. Freddie Gunning hitting 46 and the MBP hitting 49 helped Agnes post what would normally be a below par 135. However, the ball the Rugby Club used meant this was possibly just over par.

It was then time for the Skipper to return. Would he crumble like the Flame last week without his opening partner at the other end? Absolutely not. The Skipper then caught danger man James Pick with a delightful one hander. Finn and Marley Ward then spun a web to claim the last 7 wickets between them.

Port moment was awarded to the Skipper for his catch. The players were then served up what can only be described as pig swill in the Full Measure afterwards. The pig swill did however give a telling insight to the food served at the Watts house. Both Watts boys went back for seconds and Richard Watts went back for 4ths and then 5ths.

To see contrasting images of Richard Watts from this week, please see the attached images. Richard can be seen boarding a private jet on Monday and on Thursday eating butcher floor sweepings.  

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