RBA 140-4 beat ND & Not Middleton 139-8 a8 Overs

The Agnes had their second game of the week against the same opposition – this was a challenge for the players but also for Dalton scorer, Mary. Using her own money, Mary paid for a Tourette’s assessor to observe Richard Watts whilst he scored.

The game begun well; The Skipper and The Flame tying Dalton in knots and taking the first 5 wickets between them. The momentum then swung back to Dalton when the Ward’s were introduced. The lower order of Dalton hitting the pair all around Victoria Fields. ND ended on an above par 139. This could have been worse if it wasn’t for an excellent fielding display.

The reply started badly. The MBP and Freddie Gunning were soon dismissed and at the 11 over mark the game was lost. However, 38 from 24 from Sam Wragg and 27 from 14 from Sam Moore suddenly brought the game back to life.

With 18 needed from the final over, it was left for pantomime villain, Simon Walgate to try and defend the total. With Louis Beckett watching on via FaceTime, Moore hit his first two balls for a six and then a four. Richard Watts Tourette’s then kicked in. With the ball in the wicket keepers hand, Richard blurted out one of his usual tics of, “There’s two there boys, f*cking run!” Will Watts listened and Moore was run out. Marley Ward, then as cool as you like came to the crease and clipped two of his legs to steal another victory for Agnes from the jaws of defeat. And like all good pantomime villains, Simon Walgate was defeated at the end. The victory also saw the Skippers 100%-win rate continue.

Port Moment was awarded to Will Watts for his 51. Sam Moore was so cheesed off he didn’t get the award after his batting and fielding display, he decided to leave without shaking the Managers hand. To see what Sam Moore emptied from his pockets when he got home, please see the picture.

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