RBA  155 – 2  16 Overs beat North Dalton Chaps   90-5   16 Overs

Last season, The Agnes had a semi-final at Dalton and took with them the only 11 players who were available. This game saw Agnes have everyone available and even saw every fan watching on the side-line. The Manager consequently had the tough job of dropping Fin Ward. Fin didn’t take this well; Fin has burnt his Agnes shirt and also sent an alcohol and cocaine fuelled voice message to the Manager that we are sure he will later regret.

Sam Appleton returned; Sam Looked like a mixture of Tom Hanks from Castaway and Chris Gayle. What we do know is, he looked beautiful.

Agnes won the toss and batted. MBP hitting 63 and Freddie Gunning hitting 61. Agnes posted an above par 155.

With rain in the air, Dalton easily could have refused to go out but they are now in the Agnes good books. The Flame had a point to prove after last week’s scathing match report. And Flame, back bowling alongside the Skipper, answered every one of his critics. Firstly, removing both Drury’s and then removing Agnes pantomime villain, Simon Walgate, with an unplayable delivery. Agnes won to book themselves into their second final of the season. Manager Pep Jackson said he is excited for the weeks ahead.

Port moment was discussed whilst having the after game meal, which was like the Pipe and Glass meal if it was ordered from Wish.com. The award was a toss-up between Glen Quagmire Dodd’s umpiring decision and Flame’s bowling but it then rather unexpectedly settled on Simon Walgate for his bowling display.

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