RBA 158-4 14 overs beat Rudston 98-7 14 overs

The Agnes travelled to Rudston and were met with a blanket of rain, thick cloud and the prospect of any cricket looked slim. Still suffering emotional damage after last week’s port moment fiasco, Sam Moore refused to travel. Former social secretary, Mark Beckett, refused to play alongside Charlie Watts, who is yet to organise a social event or provide the bucket hats he promised. And with Sam Appleton having some Chris Gayle inspired veneers implanted, it allowed a space for Frank Brewis to make his season debut.

Before the game there was plenty of drama; The Flame refused to leave his car, instead choosing to listen to heavy metal. Will Watts admitted to heavy steroid use and unfortunately, Fred Langton was arrested for once again taking pictures of child’s toilets.

The game then started well, Agnes hitting the first over for 17.

Agnes settled on a very healthy 158, mostly down to the MBPs 98 or 102 depending on when the book was counted.

In reply, the Flame and the Skipper put their combined years of experience to good use. The overs were then shared out with Marley Ward taking the most wickets (2). This win further extending the Skippers 100%-win rate.

After the game, toad-in-the-hole was served which vindicated Fred Bradley’s decision to ditch the Agnes.

Port moment was shared between the Flame’s horrendous jib, which saw him step backwards over the boundary and a Rudston man for running head first through a thorn hedge.

Alarmingly, some of the Agnes chaps witnessed a drug deal near the food serving hatch when leaving. To see Freddie Gunning’s reaction to the deal, please watch the video.

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