RBA 81-8 20 overs lost to Flamborough Flamborians 120-9      20 overs

After last week’s heroics with a thread bare team, the Agnes were hoping for a similar ending this week with yet more absentees. The Manager was in the committee’s bad books after taking himself, 2 Watts and a scorer on a type of holiday that makes left wing activist, Sam Moore’s toes curl up. In what has never been seen before, the Manager will be thrown before an elite committee to decide his sentence.

The Skipper joined brother Tom on a WhatsApp behaviour course at Carnaby College. And Sam Appleton continued to break our hearts. With Charlie Watts away, Chopper was suddenly available and showed no signs of his magic sore shoulder that’s seen him side-lined recently. 

More good news was that the Flame returned from a week in ‘Spain’ (a caravan named Spain overlooking Withernsea Bay) to lead the attack. However, we soon learnt that the Flame without the Skipper at the other end is like Appy without a Stella, Stan Fryer without his perm or Judge McGivern without his high prices for a fresh orange and lemonade. 

Flamborough ended on a decent 120 after some healthy clubbing. The Agnes reply was extremely weak. Only the Flame showing a glimmer of resistance. The only positives on this doomed evening was the fielding of Fred Langton. Fred does have incurable and life threatening herpes from his time away in Asia, but it has improved his fielding.

The only other positive of the evening was the pizza after the game. With so many absentees and Glen Quagmire Dodds, Flame and an angry Albert not returning, it lead to very healthy pizza scenes.

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