RBA 86 – 5 beat South Dalton 86 – 8

The Pipe and Glass game @ Agnes

On the biggest and most important fixture of the year things were much different. With the Pipe and Glass restaurant needing the outside space it meant that it was the South Dalton Chaps who had to make the bus journey to the Royal Victoria Fields.

Port was drunk before the game and Richard Watts supplied an awful lot of Wold Top beer. The South Dalton chaps batted first and came up against some testing bowling from Freddie Mercury Langton and a new spinner named Carl Parkin – both lads bowled tight and proved tricky for the South Dalton chaps to get away. Albert Boynton was then introduced to the attack with the game perfectly set up for South Dalton to launch an attack. Albert had different ideas and picked up 5 wickets and if his fielders could catch then it easily could have been 7. Albert held the ball to his adoring fans upon taking his 5th wicket.

Wicket keeper for the night Mark Beckett opened the batting with Charlie Watts who was still slurring his words after coming back from Ibiza. It was like going back in time 10 years watching Mark Becketts pull the ball to his favourite area of square leg again and again. Both lads posting very impressive scores of 30. Fred Langton didn’t last long and Marley Ward was dared to hit a 6 first ball which he did, which would have returned crazy money. Agnes eventually got the total with 3 overs to spare.

Kirsty Watts arrived at the ground with a boot full of pizzas. The players surrounded the car like starving lions at a safari park. The 30 pizza were all eaten within precisely 2 minutes. Fred Langton was his usual rowdy self for this fixture which always seems to excite him. Albert Boynton was awarded the port moment and then all the players raised a glass to the manager for continuing this Agnes tradition.

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