RBA 88-3 16 Beat Middleton 87-6  16 overs

The Bridlington Evening League returned on a typical spring evening. There was a cold tinge in the air and the smell of Stoz’s mums coal fire lingered amongst the incoming fog.

It has been a busy winter for many of the Agnes men; Louis Beckett, sick of living in his brother’s shadow has decided to move to the USA. Louis did return to England play and he was expecting a hero’s welcome from his family. Awkwardly, they were however all at the beach looking at the washed up Whale upon his homecoming. Like how girls turn to Only Fans, Will Watts has turned to the boxing ring this winter to try and make some money. And Marley Ward and the MBP have had gastric sleeves fitted which were kindly donated by The Manager.

Agnes lost the toss and it was last year’s leading wicket taker, Khan Ward and last year’s leading bowler, the skipper who began proceedings. Both bowled tight. The Skipper creating the bulk of chances. These two were backed up well by Jordans Zamunda, Louis Beckett from Pittsburgh and a very angry Fin Ward. Every wicket Fin took he pointed aggressively at the manager to prove how mad he was at not being included in the starting 11.

Agnes knocked off the runs thanks to 53 from the MBP and some handy hitting from Louis Beckett from Pittsburgh and Charlie CC Watts.

Port moment was simple decision for the management. It went to Albert Boynton for his hours spent completely transforming the wicket into a batsmen’s paradise. This has come at the cost of club stalwart, Ben Brown, who has regrettably walked away from the club. This is a decision the management are comfortable with.

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