RBA98-8 lost to BABB 99-7

During this summer heatwave, The Agnes hosted old rivals BABB. The skipper was away auditioning to play the part of Zinedine Zidane in his younger years. The skipper didn’t get the part so fortunately he will be back for next week’s fixtures. Little Richard, who is displaying all the symptoms of domestic abuse, was once again barred from attending. And Ollie Becketts took a spontaneous flight (which shocked all of his family) to Dusseldorf to try and rekindle his love affair with his old mistress.

Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Alpha male Sam Appleton muscled his way to 30, hitting some lovely boundaries. Sam was involved in a unique incident; Sam was bowled a beamer which he tried to hit over the bowling green, his bat snapped clean in half, the ball was looping to a fielder at midwicket but the flying bat intercepted the ball and hit the ball again in mid-air to distract the fielder. Being cheered on by a grumpy SGT Wilson, who unsurprisingly wanted “two” during all runs, the Agnes managed to creep to 98 which is always a good score.

The Agnes replied well. Sam Appleton and Jordans Zamunda started tight, this was then backed up Khan Ward and Louis Beckett. Louis redeeming himself well after dropping his 1′

Agnes catch. It had been a torrid few overs for the Becketts.

Louis dropping his first catch, then letting one run through his legs. Mark Beckett then capped it all off with what looked like a nasty knee injury. Mark is responding well to pain killers in Bridlington ICU but it is still touch and go as to whether or not the leg is amputated.

BABB needed 8 runs off the last over, Little Zamunda said he felt confident bowling a Neil Wagner length of banging it in.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work. Batsmen Sam Lakin caused as much carnage in these two balls as Will Watts and the Newcastle Agrics do when they see a freshly painted conference suite at Cirencester. BABB were the eventual winners in what was a great game.

With no skipper, it gave an opportunity for other members to be pigs when the pizza came out. Ben Brown elbowed Albert in the face and he told Judge McGivern that more teams were coming. Port moment was awarded to Rob Fryer for a juggling catch.

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