RBACC 75-8 lost to Middleton 102-7

This week saw the 10 men of Agnes travel to Middleton CC for the second league game of the 2024 campaign. It was a tough selection with most of the squad unavailable. Ollie Beckett was having staff training at Jet2. Ollie was learning how to hand out cans of pop and peanuts at the same time to increase efficiency.

Richard Watts, still desperate to discipline his problem child, has upgraded Will’s package at his behaviour/weight loss camp. Will now has zero minutes of screen time per day, he prays 3 times a day and trains naked (outdoors) 3 x per day. Richard will continue to throw money at this problem until it is fixed.

The Skipper deemed himself unavailable but was controversially seen driving to Beeford Cricket Club in his whites … hmmm.

Charlie Watts was at a darts competition in Driffield and Sam Appleton continued to treat the Agnes like his side chick, sending the odd text message when he was horny but never fully committing.

The Cricket –

The Flame returned having spent the winter sitting in his boxer shorts, eating Pot Noodles, sipping on flat Pepsi and being a keyboard warrior in the spare room of his mum’s house. Flame had the standout figures of 3-19 from his 4 overs. All the RBA men bowled well and were backed up well in the field. A special mention to Mark Beckett who dived at full stretch and nearly dislocated his knee which got stuck in the ground.

In reply, it started terrible with the MBP being dismissed in the 2nd over. Sam Wragg looked like he was guiding Agnes to victory when he sailed to a run a ball 48. But it wasn’t to be. Onwards and upwards.

Port moment – Sam Wragg for making batting look easy.

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