Royal Burton Agnes 180 – 3 beat Thixendale 179-5

With many of the Agnes regulars sick, lame or lazy it meant that the dressing room had many new faces on show. The 3 Hatton’s made their debuts. Ringo returned from babysitting duties and Will Watts was available once again.

Things started terribly for the Agnes. They had to take the field with ten men due to the skipper not having any white trousers. Then, to compound their misery, young off spinner Callum Hatton was pummelled for 25 in the first over.

With the skipper now on the field (borrowing a pair of the opposition’s trousers) Agnes began to regroup. Will Watts caught the dangerous batsmen in a manner so laid back you could be forgiven for thinking that he didn’t really care!

Thixendale then lost 2 more wickets and this game had 70 all out written all over it. That is until Matt Nesfield dropped an absolute clanger at mid-off. Thixendale then had 10 overs of pure agricultural swinging from the hip. It certainly wasn’t pretty but by Jove it was it effective. Jamie Nesfield blew a fuse, declaring to one batsmen, “you don’t have a clue do you?” The batsmen then pummelled Nesfield for a further 2 more boundaries. Asked if he wanted to come off? Nesfield replied saying, “I’ve played enough cricket to know how to get this cabbage out!” sure enough, he had his man in the very next over. Thixendale ended their innings on a very competitive 179.

Agnes replied by losing Sam Wragg unluckily in the 2nd over to a leg stump half volley that unfortunately trickled onto his stumps. Will Norman and Matt Nesfield then tapped it around before it was left for Normand and Jamie Nesfield to go through the gears, hitting a bowler who looked like the hippie from the Inbetweeners and an old man who bowled so slow it didn’t register on the speed gun.

Agnes got to the total with an over to spare to record their first victory. The port moment was a toss-up between Will Watts’ nonchalant grab and Will Norman’s tumbling catch.  Regrettably, there was no port to give out with Mark Beckett leaving it in the back of his ute. Well done to the new lads, you can all come again.  Up t’Agnes.

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