Agnes 112 – 9 20 overs lost to Driffield 113-4 18 overs

The Agnes arrived at Driff Rec with a heavily depleted squad. Ben Brown was having penis reduction surgery at Castle Hill Hospital. Sam Appleton was on speed awareness course. Mark Beckett was at a Poker night at GOAT. Charlie Watts was visiting Will Watts at Cirencester Prison and The Manager was back in Italy. Good news however was that Golden Boy, Ollie Beckett was back in the ranks.

With the Manager away in Italy, it meant that Richard Watts stepped in as relief manager. Richard instantly lowered the players wages, stopped overtime and abolished the players pension scheme.  

Cheered on by little Richard drinking cheap wine in his mother in laws basement and by the Manager who was surrounded by Italian royalty, the Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Little Louis from Ossett hit a six but no one else really got going.  The Jacketless Sam Moore then raced to 21 and it looked like tonight could be, ‘the night’.  Sam was then caught in the covers. Khan Ward then made sure the score got above 100 finishing on 31 not out.

Agnes were then always in the game. The skipper bowling 5 very tight overs of spin and being backed up by everyone. When Khan Ward caught the dangerous Owen Goldsworthy on the boundary (ripping his sleeve in the process) it was advantage Agnes. Driffield then applied their own version of ‘cheat mode’ by introducing Tot Ritchie. Tot can run singles even when it is in the keepers hands. Tot’s so fast he can turn off his bedroom light and be in bed, tucked up and asleep before the light is even off. Driffield reached the total with 2 overs to spare.

Port moment was awarded to the sleeveless Khan Ward for a fine all-round display. 31 runs, 3 wickets and a catch worthy of port moment its self. Khan’s brother Azamat was beaming with pride when he was awarded the port.

Attached is a picture of Freddie Langton consoling a dejected Khan Ward after the loss.

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