Agnes 128 – 3 beat Flamborough 127 – 6

Louis Beckett Boy Wonder

Jamie Nesfield, the once Marmite figure of the Bridlington evening league and Marmite figure of the Agnes team, has now firmly turned himself into a gruel like, hate symbol with his latest decision of choosing to play for Flixton ahead of the Agnes. How Jamie is reintegrated into the team after this latest sign of disrespect is a decision that I certainly do not envy the manager having to make.

Flamborough began their innings in steady fashion, choosing to accumulate singles at every opportunity. Dan Fryer found himself stood in many different positions. At one point he was stood 10 yards, directly behind wicketkeeper Will Watts. This position from now on will be called the Dan Fryer.

Mark Beckett caught the catch of his life; a ridiculous 1 handed, looking backwards snaffle. Sam Moore ran away from a catch. A decision that he instantly regretted and the skipper made a comeback to bowling, one that I’m sure he’d like to forget. Flamborough ended on a very competitive 128.

In reply, Will Norman went back to a ball that he shouldn’t have and was bowled. This gave Louis Beckett the chance to stride to the wicket. Louis took off from exactly where he left his innings against BAB. From the time he was at the crease, it rained boundaries. Louis ended the innings on 84 not out and because of him he made the whole run chase seem rather tranquil. People were heard muttering, “Is Louis making a big mistake choosing football ahead of cricket?” I would say that the simple answer is yes.

The after game formalities took place as usual at t’Manor. Will Watts was very territorial over the pizzas, choosing to hide them on other tables. Despite hiding pizzas his supplies were still pillaged, looted and ransacked by other, heavier members of the team. Port moment was shared between father and son Beckett.

Up t’Agnes.

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