Agnes 137-6 beat Grindale 90 all out

The semi-final of the Bridlington Hospital Cup; a semi-final that nobody saw coming. A cup run that has been buried in between many other nights of cricket. A semi-final that appeared out of nowhere, similar to Dan Fryer’s new posh accent.

Agnes arrived at Dukes Park in good spirit. Charlie Watts was wearing full high vis in the hope the captain knew he was there so he could bowl. Sam Moore arrived in unwashed whites, making him smell like an old farm dog. And Will Norman was wearing a full chain mail body armour suit.

With light drizzle and a hint of sea fret in the air Grindale were keen to knock this game on the head. But with no James Pick in the opposition, Agnes stood firm and said they would wait until midnight for it to dry up.

The skipper tossed the coin and Agnes were batting in a 16 over affair. Early wickets fell but the loveable care bear Sam Wragg hit some sixes and then it was over to the Nesfield’s.

As subscribers of this report know, Jamie Nesfield is a bad egg who requires a lot of managing. Subscribers do however know that every season, Jamie has a few match winning innings up his sleeve. Tonight was one of those nights. The manager’s last words to the cavalier batsmen were simple, “don’t come back until you have scored 50!” Jamie promptly moved into top gear, depositing balls for six over the club house and thrashing the ball to all parts. Jamie’s brother Ringo ably supported him at the other end, having to play second fiddle for much of the innings. End of innings, Agnes 137.

It was a similar tale, remove Major and Robinson and the game was Agnes’. When Grindale were 60 without loss from 5 overs this looked like it was going to be a night to forget. The turning point of the game was when the skipper caught the high vis wearing Charlie Watts from the corner of his eye. Young Chizzle came on and in the blink of an eye had 4 victims. Sam Wragg claimed another 4 victims from the other end and it was left to Mark Beckett to take the final wicket which saw Beckett leap 4 feet into the air.

Port moment was a toss-up between Nesfield, Wragg and Watts, all 3 deserving of the award in equal measure. It however was awarded to Sam Wragg because he biked to the game. This old school style of living certainly doesn’t go unnoticed at t’Agnes.

Another memorable night at Dukes Park.

Up t’Agnes.

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