Agnes 141 – 6 drew with Grindale 141

Agnes travelled to Dukes Park on a sunny evening to play the form team of the league, Grindale. The coin was tossed to the background noise of squawking seagulls, children playing in the skate park and the sound of 70s music coming from the wedding taking place in the clubhouse.

Agnes won the toss and decided to bat. Will Norman and Sam Wragg were quickly into their stride hitting 4s and sixes. Both men, frustratingly got out for 31. Tom Norman continued the flow of boundaries (also scoring 31) and was ably supported by Will Bradley, Ollie Becketts and Jamie Nesfield. Agnes ended the innings on a competitive score of 141.

Agnes knew that Grindale had two danger men in Russ Robinson and John Major. The earlier these men got out the more likely Agnes were going to see victory. Russ Robinson smoked his way to 54 before playing all around a Sam Wragg delivered that did nothing. Wickets then fell at regular intervals.

The equation in the final over was simple; Grindale needed 12 to win. John Major quickly got 11 of the runs that were required. With scores level and needing 1 to win, John Major was once again outclassed by the wily Jamie Nesfield. Spotting a colossal weakness in his technique, Jamie threw the ball wider and Major hit the ball into the waiting hands of Ollie Becketts. Becketts caught the ball and John Major regained his place in Jamie Nesfield’s back pocket.

This draw was met with utter pandemonium from the 25 travelling Agnes supporters. The manager handed out the new caps that have taken 3 years to be made. Some people say that they are made from illegal horse hair. Others say that the manager had them hand stitched by the finest tailor in Italy. All the Agnes know, is that they were worth the wait.

What happened later on in the night is all very blurry. Ears were pierced. Sick was discharged and the Agnes could well have a new Bangladeshi signing. It is even rumoured that a member of the team cr*pped his pants.

Another quality night of entertainment.

Up t’Agnes.

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