Agnes 82 ao lost to Middleton and North Dalton 83 – 1

The Hospital Cup Final, the pinnacle of the Bridlington Evening League. A chance to get silver wear in to the Manor. An opportunity to make your family proud. The prospect of repaying the faith that the Manager has put into this team.

The skipper’s team talk wouldn’t need to be big for a fixture like this. A simple tell the players to look at the crowd and make them proud should surely be enough?

Only Matt Nesfield appeared to listen to this team talk. A gritty 32 that was supported by none of the other batsmen meant that Agnes scored a rather pathetic 82 all out. All 3 Norman’s were rather pitiful. Jamie Nesfield; the man who has 2 good knocks a summer used up his knock against BAB and was out first ball and Mark Beckett had to handle some chin music from a very enthused George Drury.

Middleton knocked off the total with ease and were deserving winners.

No port moment.

Up t’Agnes

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