Agnes Chaps 108-5 beat North Dalton 88-8 18o

As this summer heatwave continued to rage on, The Agnes Chaps found themselves in the Hospital Cup semi-final. This was a testing team to select for The Manager; 7 men were either sick, lame or lazy. When Sam Appleton and Jordans Zamunda then dropped out, making it 9 men unavailable, there were similar scenes in the Hudson head office to that of The Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Agnes took the field with a bare XI. This XI including a one legged Mark Becketts. Agnes lost the toss and were put into bat. Will Watts was in this eleven and arrived looking rather green and holding his stomach. Whilst holding his tummy, Will asked his scoring father, “Can I have the car keys dad? I need to go to that pub for a sh*t!” To which a nervous Richard replied,

“No you f#ck*ng can’t William, get out there and bat!”

The two Watts opened up and faced a testing opening spell from the always dangerous Drury brothers. At 39 – 2 at the ten over mark, there was a platform to bat from. Brothers, the MBP and the BBP swung from the hip and got Agnes to a par score of 108. The Skipper (or the Goat) hitting a truly remarkable switch hit for 6 in the penultimate over.

With a par score posted, everything would have to go right for the Agnes in the field to even have a chance of winning. Step forward the two Goats; the Skipper and the Flame. The Skipper removed George Drury with the help of an Ossett wonder catch. The Flame then had Alec Drury’s stumps cartwheeling to Tibthorpe. The Skipper then saw off the two Walgate Brothers in consecutive balls. The Flame then had Clarkson caught once again by young Ossett. Young Ossett calmed everyone’s nerves with a direct hit and then it was time for Young Ossett himself and brother Ollie to see the Agnes home.

On this extraordinary evening, the Port moment was awarded to the Skipper for a remarkable all round performance.

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