Burton Agnes 145 – 3 lost to Driffield 146 – 5

On a sunny evening, 12 keen men were selected to take the field for the Royal Burton Agnes. Will Norman won the toss and decided it would be best if Agnes had a bat due to there being only 6 men in the changing room.

The message was simple. Bat the first ten overs and we’ll play our shots when more men arrive. Sam Wragg obviously didn’t get or hear this message when he was bowled off his big toe in the 2nd over.  Marley Ward, making his RBA debut joined Norman at the crease. The two men were very cautious, deciding it would be better to give ourselves a chance than to “go too early”.

After ten overs, the score line of 31-1 read for modest reading. Marley Ward deciding to hit out and was instantly caught on the boundary. This was perfect timing for the now changed and in form Jamie Nesfield to come and unleash hell….Jamie however misread the scoreboard to let elder statesmen, Ben Brown come and have a hit. Flame hit a towering six and ran hard between the wickets. When he was out, Nesfied arrived and hit some lovely boundaries. If only he had come in earlier though… End of innings. Norman 66 not out. Nesfield 47 not out.

Nesfield and Wragg started well. It was then time for debutant Young to turn his arm over. Young was offered Fred Langton’s spikes before the over started but he declined. This was a decision he may live to regret. He clearly had problem with his footing and sent down a real bag of liquorice allsorts. SGT Wilson was watching and I am sure he muttered his famous saying under his breath.

Agnes couldn’t defend the small boundaries and Driffield coasted to victory with an over to spare. Young and Ward shared the man of the match award. It was nearly enough and the first win is just around the corner.

Up t’Agnes.

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