Burton Agnes 94 – 9 beat WetWang 20 all out

A strong line up assembled for this bottom of the table of encounter. Wetwang arrived with a big squad. A squad that included wives, girlfriends, grandparents and children. Was this big squad because they love cricket? Or was this because they had heard about the pizza at t’Manor after the game? A betting man would suggest the latter.

The mind games for this clash began early. Two of Wetwang’s elder statement did the unheard of act and moved Watty’s scoring bench. This bold and brave, thinking out of the box move appeared to work with the Agnes score line making for poor reading. 30-5 after ten overs. It was then down to Louis Beckett (41) Jamie Nesfield (10), Flame (10) and Mark Beckett to score an invaluable 9 not out to take the Agnes to a respectful score.

Some people would say that 94-9 in a 20 over game isn’t enough. Wiser people such as Dan Fryer would say that you should never judge a score until both teams have batted. And how true this turned out to be. The problem of Jamie Nesfield was solved. To make him interested, you have to put the ball into his hand and make him bowl. Nesfield and Louis Beckett were simply too good. Marley Ward impressed behind the stumps and Will Watts caught another remarkable catch. Wetwang 20 all out and Agnes’ league campaign is up and running.

Port moment I hear you say?

Louis Beckett’s all round performance? Will Watts’ catch? In the end it was decided that Cornish Barry should take the accolade. To score under such tough circumstances (moved benches, screaming children, bitter old men and dirty nappies) was something that doesn’t go unnoticed. Well done the Frenchman.

Up t’Agnes

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