RBA 116-71 8 Overs lost to Driffield 117-1 15.2 Overs

At the back end of the heatwave, Agnes hosted Driffield Rec, the opponents for next week’s Hospital Cup final. Little Richard was chained up in his secret, underground basement. Richard gets just enough 3G to check in on the scores using the phone he smuggled in there up his back passage.

Last week’s match ball sponsor Gerrard Langton took his place in the sponsored seats alongside fellow benefactors, The Duct Cleaning Company and Hudson Recruitment.

After last week’s heroics at North Dalton and the drubbing that was imposed on Hornsea, it was Agnes’ turn to be on the wrong end of a result. The two Watts opened up again. The highlight of the night was frustrated father, Richard Watts, telling son William off for going for a 5K jog before the game. Will Watts has made many questionable decisions recently but this one is certainly up there with the worst. Charlie Watts batted well for 32. Little Louis from Ossett hit some sixes and Agnes posted 116 which looked like a par score.

The Agnes then had something happen to them that hasn’t happened all year – the Skipper was hit out of the attack. The Skipper even asking to come off. The Driffield tactics of attacking the head of the beast worked perfectly for them. Let’s hope the Goat can bounce back next week.

Owen Goldsworthy and the experienced Kevin Woodcock knocked off the runs with ease. It must be noted that Kev Woodcock entered the pitch whilst smoking a cigarette – this is the preparation that wins games – not 5K jogs. 

This was a dark night for Agnes. Joe Edmunson’s dad was seen leaving after the 6 over mark. SGT Wilson was heard spinning in his grave and Stoz’s mum and dad said they won’t watch another game until there is a new management and leadership group within the team. All in all, a dark night for the Agnes.

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