RBA 129-4 Beat MND 104 AO

The Agnes men made the long journey to Middleton on an unusually sunny evening. The Agnes chaps had been promised a good wicket by Agnes Bowler and the most arrogant man in cricket, Jamie Nesfield who is the groundsmen. Upon seeing the wicket a few of the team members did feel slightly foolish for believing the rarely seen quick bowler.

Sam Moore was unavailable due to having to isolate for the next two weeks. Richard Watts was still in “Portugal” (rehab) and Will Watts was still at “University” (Young offenders institute). This left young Charlie Watts as the solitary representative of the Watts clan. Matt Nesfield’s magic hamstring flared up when he saw it was an away fixture and Little Richard Wapbambaloo still hasn’t been seen since 2019. Some say he has attended every game but the long grass has disguised him expertly.

Agnes, again made a cautious start. Will Norman and Jordan Stockill took some time coming to terms with Jamie Nesfield’s work. Once they realised the ball wasn’t going to bounce the scoreboard began to rattle up. 77 not out from the MBP and some useful contributions around him saw Agnes post 129. This looked 30-40 above par.

This was proved correct when the Middleton innings began. The Flame, the Darren Stevens of the Bridlington Evening League was simply unplayable on this bag of snakes. The Flame did say after the game that he wishes he could bowl on Jamie Nesfield’s wickets every week. The Flame and Ollie Beckett started tightly. It was then left for Jordan Stockill (6-17) and Charlie Watts (2-28) to hoover up the innings. Mark Chopper Becketts and Rob Norman turned their arm over valiantly and MND were eventually all out for 104.

Port moment went to the aging Skipper for some deft footwork on the boundary.

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