RBA 130 lost to BAB 189-4

The Driffield Evening Cup, a competition that RBA always do badly in, a competition that year in, year out breaks the Agnes players’ hearts. Do the Agnes players still wake up in a cold sweat remembering Netto’s absolute f*** up against Staxton? Yes they do. Are the Agnes bitter and twisted individuals? Yes they are.

Could tonight be any different? Playing a strong BAB team it was always going to be a tough task and when Dan Broumpton and somebody called Glen put on 100 runs in 8 overs, the task became even harder. At this stage it looked like BAB could score 250. Tight bowling from the problematic Jamie Nesfield and Herculean like Will Bradley restricted BAB to 189.

Agnes replied well with Tom Norman hitting a flurry of boundaries. Will Norman hit a six and things looked rosy. That was until the MBP was clean bowled trying to hoy a six. Tom Norman was out playing a reverse sweep and Will Watts’ off stump is rumoured to still be cartwheeling through Driffield town centre.

Agnes thought back with a gutsy 40 runs from Jake Hatton. Agnes all out 130. This certainly was not an embarrassment but it will be remembered as another year of misery in the cup that everybody would like to win.

With the Skipper too lazy to eve attend the fixture it was decided by the senior committee of Albert, Chopper and MBP that there would be no port moment.

Up t’Agnes.

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