RBA 139-6 beat Beeford Tigers 60 oa

On the Summer Solstice, the Agnes travelled to Beeford. Will Watts’ house arrest was over so he was available. A jetlagged Ollie Becketts returned and was wearing a Stuttgart shirt. And a limping Mark Becketts was still side-lined.

Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Will Watts had a regulation dismissal – the ball hitting his gloves and looping to the wicket keeper. Ollie Becketts had no choice but to raise his finger. Will said he never touched it or felt anything. This is yet more proof that Will’s brain is severely damaged from the beating the white police officers gave him down in Cirencester.

Tom Norman and Charlie Watts then got the Agnes off to a flyer. When both were dismissed the MBP and Louis Beckett of Ossett then also chipped in to see Agnes reach 139.

It was then a throwback to the old Div 2/3/4 days with the Skipper and The Flame opening the bowling. A throwback to a simpler time when men didn’t vape, when the term ‘gender neutral’ didn’t exist and when Little Richard was allowed out on the lash with the lads.  

Will Watts may be showing signs of brain damage but his brain was still working enough to call the Skipper McDonalds head and encourage Prince Albert as he ran in to bowl. Albert ending with 3 wickets. The Flame with 4 and the Skipper with 2.

The new highlight of the season then happened at The Tiger. The team having a sit down meal. It’s almost like the Beeford team were teasing the Agnes chaps into life back in Div 2.

Port Moment was awarded to Little Louis of Ossett for a truly remarkable one handed catch. Proud father Mark tried to play it cool but rumour has it that his pocket money has been increased again and a new private number plate is on order.

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