RBA 84-2 9.1 Overs Beat Hornsea Seadogs 83-6 18 Overs

On another sunny evening, the Agnes Chaps hosted the freshly promoted Hornsea Seadogs. Unfortunately for the Seadogs, this affair turned out to be about as one sided as the time Fred was beaten to within an inch of his life on the South Dalton bus trip.

Hornsea got off to a flyer thanks to some early wayward bowling. The Skipper was then introduced to the attack and was able to marginally slow the run rate. It was then when The Boy Who Cried Wolf (TBWCW), Sam Appleton and Khan Ward were introduced to the attack that Hornsea really found things tough. This was then backed up nicely by Little Zamunda and the wily Mark Beckett. Mark nearly registering the magical figures of 3-3, this was until Charlie Watts stepped over the boundary for a six.

Cheered on by Little Richard in his basement via WhatsApp, Little Louis from Ossett opened up with the Jacketless Sam Moore. Moore so keen to earn his jacket, he arrived 45 minutes early and has recently bought a new bat. Little Louis was soon trudging back to the pavilion. The Manager was heard saying that if Louis scores 20 runs then he can also have a jacket. TBWCW joined Moore and quickly found top gear, peppering the bowling green and maize field with balls. Appleton was unable to carry his bat with him being bowled by a seed of a delivery from an opposing female. Appy finished on 58 and Moore was unbeaten on 19, just 41 runs short.

The highlight of the season so far was Hornsea not returning for Pizza, and if the eagle eyed Judge McGivern wasn’t there then it could have been Pizza Dreamland. The excitement was all a bit too much for The Skipper. Firstly, rubbing scalding cheese in the Pig’s eye and then being involved in a pizza related wedgie incident with Fred Langton. Langton displaying the aggression that troubled him and his family so badly throughout his education.

Port moment was awarded to the Hornsea female and the port from last week’s heroics was also drunk.

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