Royal Burton Agnes 115-4 18 overs beat Middleton & North Dalton 107 – 5 18 overs

Agnes had yet another away game this week, travelling to the picturesque North Dalton CC. Agnes were left scrambling for players last minute with many casualties. Matt Nesfield was available until he realised it was another away game – causing his magic hamstring to flare up once again. Sam Moore is still isolating after being contacted by the track and trace system. Jamie Nesfield couldn’t play for reason we legally can’t disclose. Will Watts was in the starting XI until he was dropped by his grandad after racist tweets resurfaced from his twitter account from 8 years ago. All 4 Beckett’s (including Big Cas from Mel) were putting in overtime on the speed boats. And Zimbabwean Jordan Stocks was busy farming.

A croaky voiced Richard Watts returned to scoring duties. Skipper Rob Norm won the toss and elected to bat. Will and Tom Norman batted until 10 overs until Tom played one big shot too many. The Agnes men tried to increase the run rate but tight bowling restricted them to 115. Will Norman ending on an unbeaten 65. This score looked 15-20 under par on what was a delightful batting surface.

Over to the bowlers, The Flame had the ball talking, similar to Mohammed Asif in his prime. The talented M&ND batsmen could simply nod in appreciation at this craftsman at work. Tom Norman kept things tight at the other end and at the 10 over mark the pressure had really built up on the M&ND batsmen. There was either going to be a flurry of wickets or a flurry of boundaries. Unfortunately for Charlie Watts it was the latter. Brieviks Schmeichel Walgate hitting the blonde haired leggy for a six that nearly landed at Bainton roundabout. The Agnes were left looking around the field for bowling options. The Skipper’s knee was suddenly in agony so it was left to debutant Fin Ward to bowl the remaining overs. The M&ND men swung hard but fell agonisingly short.

Well done to both teams for a great evening of cricket. Port moment was shared between debutant Fin Ward and the born again Ben Brown for their tight bowling. Freddie ‘Mercs’ Langton unfortunate to miss out for a stellar fielding performance.

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