Royal Burton Agnes 65-9 17.3 overs Beat Driffield Rugby Club CC 64-8

On a windy and warm night at the Royal Victoria Fields, Agnes welcomed Driffield Rugby Club. With Driffield RUFCCC only having 6 men at the time of the toss, it seemed only right that Agnes chose to field first.

Many men once again were unavailable. Fred Langton was on a first date. Sam Moore is … no one really knows where he is anymore but he wasn’t there. Louis Beckett was on a yacht in Cannes. No one knows what’s happened to Matt Nesfield and it was reported by Richard Watts that French Barry’s ashes were spread on a beach in the Normandy region yesterday morning. RIP French Barry. The two Wards’ were playing for Flixton and it is too painful to say why Sam Wragg wasn’t playing.

DRUFCCC started well. An attacking batsmen who looked a bit like The Flame came out flailing the willow. The Agnes bowlers then got to work. Ben Brown was his economical self. Ollie Becketts floored a batsman with a steepling bouncer and JordanZamunda was unplayable on a lively Agnes track. Blonde bombshell Charlie Watts bowled excellently and was well supported by Will Watts behind the stumps who to the surprise of even himself kept dazzlingly. DRUFCCC posted what looked like a way below par 64. So confidence were the Agnes chaps, the manager cracked open a bottle of port and drunkenly sent Marley Ward an angry text message at the interval.

Agnes’ reply started well. Will and Tom Norman hitting a brace of boundaries each. The collapse then began. Guy Brumfield removed both Normans’ with unplayable deliveries and then the collapse begun. Will Watts showed some good resistance as did Will Bradley. But when Bradley was caught it was suddenly all about the pressure. Will Megginson kept bowling on the stumps and the Agnes Batsmen kept shuffling across all 3 and making it impossible for the umpire to not give them out LBW. Last man Albert Boynton luckily shuffling across so much that he was hit outside the off stump. Ben Brown was there at the end to see a nervous Agnes over the line. Port moment went to Will Watts who kept brilliantly. Sowersby was awarded a bottle of port too for a delightful caught and bowled. Over looked by a very angry Judge McGivern, fines were discussed after the game with players’ availability being poor throughout the team. Ironically it was Will Norman, who hasn’t missed a game yet, who was fined for what was deemed to be unacceptable umpiring.

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