The Agnes Chaps, bowled out for 77 were well beaten by Grindale who posted 80 without loss.

Apparently, young Mr Pick of Grindale was angry at the crease. The view from the boundary by your Agnes manager saw the immensely talented Mr Pick playing some of the most admirable batting strokes seen in any coaching manual, with considerable gusto and vigour. I cannot recount how many boundaries he hit during his brief and unbeaten spell at the crease, but he seemed to me to be flawless in putting bat to ball. I couldn’t help but wonder therefore why, according to his team-mates watching him from the pavilion, was he so angry? Perhaps, I concluded, he had asked a chum to slap him about a bit before he went out to bat, so he could get his anger up and play his shots with such tremendous conviction. We may never know.

Suffice as to say, the Agnes boys were a touch below par with both bat and ball.

Sam Moore Sam Moore however was deemed worthy of a bottle of port. First for admiring a new set of club batting gloves so appreciatively, that he forgot it was his turn to actually go out and bat. Second for being run-out without scoring and then insisting his nought couldn’t be recorded as fact because he hadn’t faced a ball. And then again in the field for getting his hands to a top edge by one of the Grindale openers, only to parry the ball up, make a despairing dive and parry the ball again, to the ground. Outstanding!

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Flamborough 110 for 3 beat the Agnes chaps 105/5, by just 5 runs.

It were black as Bill’s Mother’s owerr bi t’Agnes cricket field ont’ opening neet ot’season. In fact black rain clouds were everywhere you looked, but by some miracle, the rain held off long enough to see two keen sides commence this year’s fixtures. Batting first after winning the toss, Flamborough made a descent fist of the conditions during a trimmed sixteen overs. Of the Agnes bowling quartet, only the Flame failed to take a wicket. Perhaps the conditions dampened his ability to ignite the stumps. Meanwhile, Nessie, Wraggy and Albey (celebrating his sixtieth season for the Agnes) took one apiece.

With the bat, the two Wills, Norman and Watts, look to make a formidable opening pair. Watts the younger was out for 17 but you can see bigger scores itching to come out from within him. Sam Wragg on debut also showed promise and great intent by hoisting the redoubtable Simon Leeson for 6 before succumbing for 22.  Middle Norman Will looked imperious until he succumbed to an act of fielding only seen previously on the I.P.L.  Bloody Sky TV costing us a win therefore as a boundary fielder parried the ball, stumbled three steps backwards over the rope & three more back onto the field before claiming the catch.  A Port moment perhaps?  No.

PM was given for the four Will Norman chalked up by raising his bat to a lifter whilst looking completely away from the cherry, which happened to hit said bat and shoot on down to the fine leg boundary at great speed.

The post-match pizza’s I have to say, as per all seventeen previous seasons, were delicious.

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