The Agnes boys; 117 for 6 beat the combined team from BABB, by 27 runs since they made just 90.

What a sight the hat-trick ball was. Every one of the Agnes chaps around incoming batsman Rodmell. The Flame with his beard up having dismissed Billy the Fish for nought caught Louis Beckett and Skipper Johnson for nought caught by stand-in keeper Mark Beckett. His eyes fixed, teeth clenched, the Flame loped into his run, delivery stride with its usual moment of hesitation before a skilled release of the ball and then the moment. Ping, and a stump flattened.  All hands held aloft in triumph.  Much back and hand slapping before ten Agnes chaps managed to lift the Flame off his feet. Not quite to shoulder height you’ll appreciate, more of a four limb carry, but a majestic celebration nonetheless.  Pause for a picture then off to t’Manor to celebrate.

And the batting performance to put us in the winning position?  A very lively and entertaining 27 by Louis Becket before he was caught going for another flashing cut shot. A useful 20 from Tom Norman who put some momentum into the innings after a flurry of wickets had fallen. And a very patient 44 not out from Luke “Cheshire” Ramsey who measured his shots to ensure he could add runs with a flourish in the last few overs.

“Chesh” was also in the running for the Port Moment as he too four for 20 off four overs to add to the weight of his contribution with the bat. Tom Kirby was a candidate striking the first “scoop” shot ever seen at the Agnes ground. But it was of course the Flame who stole the prize with figures of four for 8 off just two overs including of course the hat-trick that clinched the fortified accolade.

Can I just close by stating how pleasing it was to be present at the match which saw the Agnes boys “do the double” over BAB in the league this year.

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Driffield, posting an admirable 128 / 7 off sixteen overs beat Agnes, who barely turned up for 48 runs.

Albert Boynton has played for the Agnes man and boy and is still a valued and admired stalwart of the Royal Burton Agnes Cricket Club. On Thursday the 26th of July, Albey turned out to play against Driffield at the (speculated) ripe old age of 102.  The result of the match was unfortunately the same as was allegedly scribed in the history of the team from 1947. (see new page “History or Fiction?”)

The Driffield lot were a team of good cricketers and the Agnes lot struggled to match them with bat or ball with concentration of purpose seemingly absent. And Albert Boynton?  Was this the same Albert Boynton who all those years in solitary and with no female company, developed an incredibly strong right arm with which he now puts to good use when bowling. He can turn the ball like a wizard, a sorcerer who takes wickets whenever he gets the opportunity. In this game he took two. Team-mate Richard Watts, a man who rarely takes to the field nowadays and when he does it is always under some duress, hit a lovely 4 which earned him a bottle of port. I think he quite enjoyed himself.

Assistant Manager formed this weeks view.

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Annual Manager’s South Dalton V The Royal Burton Agnes

Agnes – 158 – 5

South Dalton – 128 – 8

The Royal Burton Agnes team were excited for what skipper Robbie Norman described as, “the best night of the year.” Meeting at t’manor for ‘the Brid lot’ a thirsty (and horny) Mark Beckett arrived with a minute to spare and instantly downed a pint of Judge McGivern’s amber nectar. The bus then stopped at Palarva to pick up two Norman’s and badly bruised Luke Ramsey. The final stop was to pick up Red Santa – Ben Brown.

The chaps arrived at the picturesque ground and were shocked, confused and worried to see cult hero Rich Abba wearing a vest. Mr Abba luckily changed into his standard school shirt when he realised we’d based our fashion solely around him.

Agnes won the toss and elected to bat. After a stern word from the manger the players knew this was a must-win year. Luke Ramsey (68) was the stand out performer. He batted like a man who knew he didn’t have long to live. Will Watts (33) clattered the ball to all parts and Robbie Norman was easily the best Norman on the night. Jamie Nesfield and Will and Tom Norman were fresh from playing in Scotland so surely they were full of confidence? Perhaps not, as the trio contributed a pathetic 7 runs between them.

South Dalton’s reply always struggled. Tight bowling from ‘Iron Mike’ Rob Fryer, Middle Black Pig and an off spinning Jamie Nesfield saw wickets fall regularly. Agnes ran out comfortable winners and their name was on the trophy once again.

After the game was the main / best part of the night. Eating at the Pipe and Glass. A delicious meal was made even better at the shock news that skipper Robbie Norman is a working bull and will be expecting a child 9 months to the day after his wedding day. The Men of Agnes eventually travelled back on the mini bus. The players discussed how hard Robbie Fryer is. New Judge Dan Fryer made many decisions regarding life and cricket and Fred Langton played with fire by continuously blowing vape in ‘caged tiger’ Mark Beckett’s face. And another grand evening was had by all. Thanks to the manager.

View expressed by a Norman.

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The Royal Burton Agnes played Grindale at Bridlington Sports Club on the 19th of July 2018 and lost by 5 wickets. Agnes 137 for 3 Grindale 138 for 5 “Catches Win Matches”

Our corner of England has a reputation for producing some of the finest agricultural foodstuffs in the world but not without a great deal of sacrifice on many levels.  This week it was The Aggies who paid, by having to field a much-depleted team as the harvest started early due to the exceptionally good summer weather.


  • Rob Norman (Skipper) Albert Boynton, Netto Nettleton – Combining (on separate harvesters)
  • Luke Ramsey – Inseminating birds (turkeys I think)
  • Matt Nessfield – Keeping foxes away from Simon Cunliffe-Listers birds
  • Sam Moore, Sam Moore – Turned up but was mightily hung-over from Driffield Show.  He was as much use as tits on a fish.

Other absentee’s included;

  • Oli Beckett – Injured Ankle
  • Louis Becks – Playing for Yorkshire
  • Fred Langton and Ginger Santa – Both working

Agnes batted first and after a slow start they began to get the measure of the Grindale bowlers and build a reasonable but not unconquerable tally of 137.  Watts.W was the first to go, notching up 32 before being caught just a few feet short of the boundary but it was Norman.W who lit the blue touch paper, scoring a total of 6 sixes in 38 balls including 28 runs in one over (total runs-66).  The pavilion roof took a battering and even the gasometer was in danger of being struck.  Very entertaining to watch and deserving of the port moment. Nessfield.J had a good swing and made 13 in 7 balls before being caught. Norman.T made 22 in 15 balls not out.

Grindale’s top boys were in town, Robinson Major and Pick looked far too confident and when Robinson was caught in the first over by Norman.T off a fiery delivery by Nessfield.J , the story could have turned out very differently.  Both Major and Pick were very lucky chaps, both being dropped at least twice before going on to make 50 and 69 respectively.   These dropped catches probably cost Agnes the game.

It would be unpardonable for your correspondent, as a noted dropper of the ball, to dwell on these errors but I have no doubt that Sir Geoffrey Boycott’s mother could have caught them in her pinny.  Pick was eventually bowled by Nessfield.J and Beckett.M took Major’s middle stump, but the damage was done.  The Agnes soldiered on but tired and sometimes comical fielding could not hold back the tide and Grindale won in the 15th over. It was a fine summers evening and there were some fatigued and some slightly tipsy players who headed home around midnight full of port, beer, curry and thoughts of what could have been.

Assistant Manager and deep fine leg specialist.

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‘The miracle of Flamborough’

Flamborough 148 – 3

Agnes 152 – 4

On a glorious July evening the men of Agnes travelled to Flamborough to take on League Strugglers ‘The Flamborough Vikings’. Jamie and Matt Nesfield were both rested as part of the manager’s masterplan for tomorrow night’s evening cup game against North Dalton. The Fryer’s were both at an emergency call out and Luke Ramsey returned with two black eyes, a limp and a walking stick.

The men were greeted to the ground by the olive skinned, moustached and vocal as always – French Barry. Barry was devouring some of Flamborough’s finest fish and chips. Barry commented that the weather and setting was so pleasant and English that it was actually like being back in Cornwall.  Flamborough won the toss and elected to bat.

Flamborough posted an above par score of 148 – 3. Luke Dixon scoring 50 and Elliot Traves scoring 47. The pick of the bowlers definitely wasn’t Tom Norman, Ben Brown, Charlie Watts or Mark Beckett. The pick of the bowlers was ‘golden child’ Louis Beckett.

The Agnes reply started in great fashion. Louis Beckett and Will Watts crashing the ball to all parts. Will Watts was replaced by Brother Charlie who continued to wield the willow. Luke Ramsey hobbled to the crease but poor Luke’s mind was on other matters. Will Norman had a brief spell at the wicket. He hit a brisk 25 that included “the biggest six to be hit by an Agnes player”, (A. Boynton, 2018).

The final over saw Agnes requiring 7. With Tom Norman and Charlie Watts at the crease, surely this was no problem? 5 balls later and Charlie Watts back in the pavilion after a kamikaze run out and it was now in Flamborough’s favour. Agnes required 3 from 1. Could the young bowler bowl one more perfect Yorker? The young lad steamed in, Tom Norman was already down on one knee and swept the ball high into the air. Time stopped, Fred Langton was quiet and the ball sailed into the trees for six. The pitch was invaded, the players tried and failed to carry Tom from the ground. The changing room was awash with back slaps and high fives. Luke Ramsey texted his mistress declaring his love once again and Ben Brown, overcome with emotion broke down in tears.

The players celebrated the win afterwards in the Dog and Duck. Mark Beckett and Richard Watts reminisced about the past and in true fashion they didn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. The bottle of port was awarded to Tom Norman for his towering six.

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Agnes got well and truly paggered by North Dalton and Middleton on Friday night at Driffield Rec.

The match was the semi final of the Driffield evening cup and Dalton fielded a full strength team in answer to their defeat by Agnes two weeks previously.  RBA batted first but wilted under a bowling attack so devastating that only one player managed to reach double digits (Ramsay 13) before being despatched with ruthless efficiency.  The figures speak for themselves;

Brent.D- 2 for 19

Anderson.J 6 for 13

Suggit.c 2 for 1

Brigham.R 1 for 15

Your correspondent’s suspicion that these lads were ringers was proved to be unfounded as their names appear in previous battles fought.  Apologies to Dalton.

A final stand by The Skipper and Beckett.M was short lived and the Agnes ship sank at 59.

The Dalton chaps took it steady with the bat and could easily have achieved their goal in many less than the 12 overs they used.  Five Agnes bowlers stepped up to the plate but pulling out a revolver and shooting the batsmen was the only way that they could have turned this game around.  The end came as a relief.

The ale in the Rec was of a good standard (Burning Arrow) but the after match commiserations were a brief affair.  No port moment, we should probably have given it to Anderson.J and encouraged him to sup it before the game.

Away to Grindale next week (Brid Sports Club).  Can we notch up a win?

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Hospital Cup semi final lost to BAB.

BAB turned up at Agnes on Tuesday night wanting to make amends for the pasting dished out to them a couple of weeks previously and, despite the distraction of a football game going on somewhere, make amends they did.

To be fair, both teams seemed very evenly matched in both bowling and batting and the match might had a different outcome had BAB been put into bat first.

BAB bowled well with all four bowlers taking wickets.  Agnes made a distinctly average 121 with only Norman.W making a decent score of 40, the other 7 wickets going cheaply and not reflecting what we have come to expect of late.

It was a similar story for BAB when it came to batting with Broumpton once again leading from the front and knocking 49 before being caught by Norman. T  off an excellent ball from  Brown who was in fine form.  The highlight and indeed port moment of the evening came from  Beckett.L for a superb caught and bowled that ended Dixon’s time at the crease at 13 runs.  Watts.W continued to impress behind the wickets by stumping dangerman Hargreaves, bouncing the ball off his pads and catching the batsman out of the crease.

These few moments of Hospital Cup brilliance were ultimately all in vain.  As the sun began to set over the hallowed turf, so Agnes’s chances of silverware dissipated.  BAB knocked them off with 26 balls to spare.

“We were more stylish in the bar afterwards”. The Skipper.

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The Agnes boys overcame North Dalton Middle, by 4 wickets. Middle Dalton North 114/2. Agnes 117/6.

You do not, dear reader, want to read a report about this week’s game for it was a boring, turgid affair.  Even the packed Western Terrace at North Dalton turned their backs on the match and nibbled at the scorched yellow earth that passes for grass nowadays.  North Dalton were pretty rubbish and The Royal Burton Agnes only less so, winning by some runs and wickets and things.

It was the awarding of the port moment in the pub at Middleton (good beer, dog roll and chips, very nice) that the highlight of the evening appeared.  Tom Norman was given said award for batting like a giggling school girl while facing an actual schoolgirl bowler, Connor.L giving her a well deserved Maiden.  While reviewing the photograph of the special moment, it was noted what fine fettle Sam Moore, Sam Moore is in at the moment.

A mixture of romance, turf laying, and the occasional game of cricket has brought him to his physical peak.  His crowning glory is his current hairstyle, fresh from the salons of Nafferton.  Bouffant, Afro and helmet-like are all words that could describe his wig, but magnificent is the only one that nails it.  It is no wonder he is now East Yorkshires premier professional wedding guest. If only he could manage a corresponding moustache, he would surely be contacted regarding a cover shot for next month’s cover of GQ.

Sam Moore.  Men want to be like him, women want to be with him.

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Manager present for epic win over BAB by 43 runs !

If there was a curse of the Manager only witnessing loosing games, it’s been broken, and in some considerable style.

Perhaps influenced by the Dacre Arms in Brandesburton offering cheap beer for footy watchers, the B, A & B captain Brummie winning the toss, put the Agnes boys into bat. Those of us on the boundary reckoned his reasoning was to bowl us out cheaply, knock off the runs quick-style  and repair to the pub to watch the second half of World Cup Mandy-ball.

But if that was the plan, the match took a determinedly different direction.

Luke Ramsey was distracted in failing to ground his bat during an evening stroll down the wicket and was run out whilst his thoughts were elsewhere. But that was the only mistake at the crease for the Agnes boys as opener Will Watts struck 31 before being grounded by a deflection off his pads into his box. Brief swats by Oli Beckett (10) and Will Norman (17) followed before Charlie Watts (23n.o.) and Jamie Nessfield (51n.o.) saw Agnes to a very credible total of 149 for 4

The Agnes Chaps then followed up in the field in dramatic fashion. Two wickets in the first over by a rampant Nessie saw BAB at 1 for 2. Skipper for the night Will Norman (standing in for brother Rob, who was on his second honeymoon, audaciously getting married in the cricket season) seized the initiative. Luke Ramsey chipped in with 2 for 15 of three overs. Oli Beckett captured a wicket off three for 29 runs. Ben “the Flame” Brown (or Ginger Santa as he is now known) chipped in with 3 for 32 off four overs and Nessie cleaned up the innings by taking 4 for for 26 off five overs to seal a victory.

It worth further mention that Will Watts took two superb catches behind the stumps, one a skyer a long way behind the stumps and the other a low catch off an outside edge to dismiss the limpet-like BAB danger man and Captain Snr. Broumpton. Freddie Bartholomew took another  skyer which only he could see from his considerable advantage in the verticality sense. Will Norman took two catches on the boundary whilst the match-winning Nessie dropped a dolly in the deep long-on wilderness. It was his disappointed trudge from long-on to deep fine leg, delivered at a somber funeral pace, which earned him the Port moment (not his 51n.o. with the bat, Or his 4 for 26 with the ball).

The Manager,,, ably assisted by the Scorer for the evening, Mr Wyndham Richard Watts esquire.

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Agnes won by 6 wickets over Driffield Academy.

Following the recommendations by half the team that I should stay away to avoid the team being defeated, the following comments came by text;

“It’s a misty night up at the Agnes”  (picture supplied)

“Driffield Academy 93 for 9 off eighteen overs”  Little Richard (Wapbambalooo)

“Matt Ness got 50, Will Watts 25 n.o. & Luke Rammo took 5 for 23”  Little Richard (Tutti Frutti)

“Won twice tonight. Our opponents too young to go to the pub so double pizza’s. Cholesterol is the winner”  The Skipper

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Bugger,,, the curse of the manager watching strikes again!

Yes, the men of Agnes lost to Driffield’s finest by some 18 runs, but was it really the curse of the Manager watching that caused the defeat? Could the Flame really blame the curse for letting the ball through his legs to turn a single into a four, on 4 occasions? Could Albey claim the fluence of the curse caused him to do the same? Big Cas from Mel, watching from the boundary said “it were nowt but sloppy fielding that’s cost us 28 runs.”

Well, something allowed Driffield to post a handsome total of 161 for 8. Personally, I thought 150 was about par last night at the Rec. But if Big Cas from Mel was right, that Driffield total would have been 133 and Agnes would have cruised to victory with an over & three wickets spare.

Not withstanding, there was some fun shared in the field and at the crease. Albey caused a stir when he came on to take a wicket in his second over, followed by a run out in his third but the chuckle came as he used his index finger to deflect an incoming throw from the deep straight onto the head of the Driffield batsman. The skipper caused a long cheering chuckle as he circled a skier before running backwards to take a splendid catch. The Flame even made some amends for his earlier nutmeggings by taking 4 for 18 off four overs (when a 5-for might have merited Port).

Batting stars for Agnes were Luke “Cheshire” Ramsey, who opened with 44 before being caught going for a boundary in accelerating the run chase. And fellow opener young Will “shoequest” Watts, who finished unbeaten on 69 as he correctly battered ball after ball hard along the ground, only to pick out one of the eight Driffield fielders on the boundary placed there to deny him a 4 from many a fine stroke.  His valiant effort earned him a bottle of Port, the prize possession of which he vowed to keep until he reaches the age of 18.

The Manager.

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Agnes beat Ebberston by 10 wickets

Ebberston’s reputation as a good team with some exceptional players preceded them as they took on RBA at Driff Rec on Friday night.

This Driffield Cup fixture had attracted a big crowd on the boundary and even Big Jim was present, leading to rumours in the Agnes dressing room that he was now a regular Ebberston supporter.

Ebberston elected to bat first but failed to take advantage of the short boundary and lightening quick outfield.  Brickman headed up the batting score with a total of 45.  Ramsay bowled with his usual commitment and enthusiasm, bagging three wickets with Nessfield. J proving that he still has fire in his belly on the big occasions and taking another three.

A total score for Ebberston of 149 for 8 was only average but on this field, 180 plus was there to be had.

The Agnes opening partnership of Beckett.L and Ramsay was poetry in motion once again.  Ramsay playing skilfully and conservatively and Beckett.L looking to smash every ball possible out of the park with four sixes in his total of seventy two. Ramsay made 69.  The winning runs came in the 15th over without loss.  A great performance.

A busy Ladies darts final in the Rec Clubhouse and prior appointments precluded the traditional post- match pint for most players.  No port was awarded.  However, a worthy recipient would surely be Matt Nesfield who played through the exhaustion of new fatherhood having welcomed a baby daughter into the world this week.  Congratulations from all the team to yourself and your family.

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Agnes, 122 for 6 lost to Grindale, who made 126 for 1

My goodness, what a display of batting. Young Mr Pick making 94 not out for Grindale, his 94 containing ten 6’s was a joy to watch, unless you were an Agnes bowler. Only Netto, making a return to Agnes from Uni and looking like his pace was coming back to him, avoided being hit for six.

Batting, 122 never looked quite enough. The view from the boundary was perhaps twenty short despite Luke Ramsay weighing in with 51 and Will Norman 42.  But in the form Pickie was in last night, 180 would not perhaps have been enough.

Port moment went to the Shipper who, having been carted for four 6’s and a 2 in his second over, applied a brake to young Mr Pick with a dot ball.

Your manager can’t help but notice a consistency of performance by the Agnes boys. Turning up sees them loose, being unable to attend and they win.

Helpfully, a disguise was suggested last night.

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Agnes, beat Flamborough

The Flamborough lads had their passports stamped……..

Yes, it was the same match as last week but this time it was the first league game of the season and “The Agnes” was looking glorious. A verdant, sun soaked vision of England.

Opening batsmen Ramsey and Beckett.L reported that the groundsman had outshone himself,  “a track like glass” which they certainly took advantage of.  Ramsay proceeding steadily and Beckett came out of the blocks like his hair was on fire, scoring four sixes in fifteen balls (total score 31) before being bowled by Traves.B.  He set a good example for others to follow in the 20 over game.  Beckett.O swung hard but fell at 17, bowled by Traves.E.  Nessfield.M was  all swing but not much ding making 34 out of 36 balls.  Ramsay batted the whole innings (73) as Agnes made 164.

Flamborough Skipper Leeson.S took to the crease with Traves.E but only managed to survive two blistering balls from Beckett.O before his middle wicket was smashed towards Kilham.  Dixon.L was the pick of the Flamborough batsmen making 49 before being caught by Ramsey.  Scalps were also taken by Beckett.L (1), Nessfield.J (2) and Boynton.P (1) who is finding great form in his 64th year.  Nessfield.M made up for his disappointing batting with two great, boundary catches.  Ben Brown still had soap on his hands.  Flamborough could only manage 128 for 5 but the game ended with a bang as Beckett.M produced his crow bangers again.  Burton Agnes became Waterloo for a short time.  Nerves, eardrums and the peace were all shattered at the hands of the team lunatic.  Everybody had to repair to the Manor for a drink to steady their nerves.

Port moment to Romeo Ramsay for a solid innings and steering the team to our third win on the bounce.  Keep it coming.

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Agnes, beat Flamborough by about 5 wickets or so….

The Flamborough Lads had their passports stamped and travelled to Agnes on Thursday night to compete in the league cup.  They managed to bring a sea fret with them which bathed the ground in rather eerie mist.

The ever cheerful Flamborough Skipper Simon Leeson elected to bat first and the contest was on.

It took three overs for opening bowlers Ramsay and Brown to get their eye in but then the Flamborough wickets began to fall with regular frequency.  Dangerman Leeson came in at 5 and began to push up the score with some well thought out shots.  He had a lucky escape when he was dropped near the boundary by Ben Brown but not so lucky when Beckitt.M pouched a big one down at cow corner.  Great keeping by Watts.W, a hatrick for Ramsay and a brace for Boynton in the final over held Flamborough to a total of 101.  Not bad but the Agnes chaps could smell blood.

Ramsay, seemingly fatigued from his earlier efforts with the ball only made modest 9 with the bat.  His opening partner Watts.W however, was in the groove, making 32 before being caught.  He played some nice, technical shots and is looking better with every game.  The skipper, fittingly brought Agnes home in the 17th over and made it 3 wins out of 6 games so far this season.

Back in The Manor, the Port Moment was awarded to Ben Brown for his dropped catch (which was actually so high it had ice on it when it came down).  His new nickname is Ginger Santa (see picture).

What will the Agnes chaps ask for at Christmas?  Would anybody feel safe sitting on Ben’s knee?

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Agnes Chaps making 106 / 6 beat Barmston by 14 runs in replying with 92 / 5

This weeks view from the boundary is expressed by Mark Beckett who peered long and hard through the grey and cold drizzly evening. Not that the climate dimmed his appreciation his son Louis made with the bat. He his 56 in an emphatic manner that saw the ball struck hard to all corners of the outfield.

So bad was visibility that when young Dan Fryer reached the crease with his bat at the non-strikers end, he mistakenly asked the wicket keeper at the other end to take his guard on middle stump. What a good lad.

Louis also featured with the ball, taking two of the five Barmston wickets to fall. Nessie being t’other Agnes chappie to bag a brace. And so it was off t’Manor for a warming drink of lovely beer and a thaw-out, after the match. Suffice to say, Lou was favoured with an award of Port for the manner in which he despatched the ball.

Question is, did anyone see young Dan in the pub? Or is he still looking for middle and off?

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The Agnes boys, lost to Middle-Dalton North, by just 2 runs!

“Bugger” “we missed our chance” & “Cricket’s the winner” were some of the comments that were heard at the conclusion of this fine and entertaining game at the Agnes ground. Followed of course by “let’s go to the pub.”

North Middle-Dalton’s charge was led by opener George Drury, who finished 75 not-out in a total of 132 / 5. It was Tom Norman, returning from University for the weekend after a lengthy spell of consumption, who shone with the ball claiming 4 wickets for 39 in a five over spell.

Batting, Luke Ramsay looked to be in imperious form. Clearly something had him pumped-up as he hit six 6’s on his way to 68 before a top edge saw him caught out at mid-wicket. Was he in two minds at the time I wonder? No matter. Those who followed didn’t quite clinch the victory though it looked imminent with 3 balls left and Agnes on 130 / 8. Tom Norman hit over the field for what looked to be a winning boundary, only to see a bloody fielder leap and pluck the ball from over his head.

Port was restored to the post-match proceedings dear reader. It went of course to the ramrod Luke, but not for the 6 that almost claimed a pensioner on the adjoining bowling green. It was awarded for his achievement of bowling two maidens over in the day.

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The Agnes boys making 104/9 lost to BABB&B, who made 105/5 in response.

The outcome is best summarised like this; They could only field nine experienced, “weekend hardened” cricketers to better our merry band of ten enthusiasts, most of whom could be said to play the game in a recognisable fashion.

They bowled better than we did in taking nine wickets. This despite the Skipper leading the Agnes charge with the blade by hoisting an authoritative 41 not-out. Oli Beckett looked almost as stylish as his absent brother Louis in posting 27 before falling victim to the bowling of “one-pound” Fish.

The game was in the balance in the 14th over as Beverley opener Greg Wiley was struck three times on the pad by JamieNess only to be denied the umpires raised finger by the unilaterally applied “Thursday night comradeship” that goes with all home team umpiring. Sensing his luck may be up and with BABB&B needing 25 to win off 24 balls, Wiley decided to cart Luke Ramsey for 20 runs off the 15th over and that was game over for plucky Agnes.

The sun having set, we all went off to the pub, sens Port, which was overlooked by both the Manager and assistant Manager. Tawdry I know but an ominous double presentation remains a consideration.

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The Agnes boys 118 / 4, beat Grindale 90 all out, by 28 runs.

Grindale hosted Agnes at their new home of Dukes Park on a glorious summers evening last week.  Although lacking the rural charm of Rudston, a fast, straight track and a well-stocked bar are a good trade off.

Agnes batted first with the well tested partnership of Norman. W and Ramsay opening proceedings.  The runs accumulated nicely, Boycott would have been happy with the way the chaps “looked after their wickets”.  Norman.W making a solid 57. and Ramsay falling in the unlucky 13th for 31.  No fireworks but a good few balls landing in the open jaws of the Hull to Scarborough train track.  The replacement batsmen swung hard as was the expectation with 4’s for Beckitt. L and Norman. R.  Shot of the night went to Watts. W who creamed a handsome 6 back towards the clubhouse on the last ball of the innings.  At Rudston, the shot would have landed on the bowling green and could well have caused mischief to an elderly head.

Agnes were a different proposition in the field and could only be described as rampant.  With the hosts chasing a score of 119 in 18 overs they could not afford to be timid.   Brown, Ramsay and Beckitt. L bowled a brace of wickets apiece, with The Skipper leading the charge with four.  Tight keeping by Watts. W and some big boundary catches by Beckitt. L contributed to an early finish.  Grindale all out for 90 in the 16th over.

Things look bright for Agnes with the Academy Lads enthusing the Dads Army players with their skill and enthusiasm.  The next game is against BAB.  Can we take the old foe by surprise?

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Agnes, 53 all out lost to Driffield, 56 / 1, by nine wickets.

What a magnificent effort the Agnes chaps made of this first encounter of the 2018 season. How that? I can anticipate you’re asking. Well, considering ten players were unavailable due to wedding practice, GCSE and I.B. exams, work and the labours of University social life, the eleven remaining turned out with great eagerness and enthusiasm.

The fact that the Driffield side was full of recognisable and able bowlers, capable fielders and lucky batsmen failed to dim the banter and camaraderie that typifies the Agnes spirit. There was plenty of banter on the field and in the pavilion and on the strength of this display, the season looks like being just as sunny and bright as the weather on this fine evening.

Readers will be encouraged to know that Port supplies were replenished thanks to the generous support of Lloyd Dowson, Chartered Accountants and all-round good eggs. Unfortunately for the team on the night, this occurred the very next day so as to facilitate the resumption of the Port Moment, from the next fixture onwards.

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