Agnes Chaps 163 – 8 18 Overs lost to BABB 173 – 4 18 Overs

Agnes travelled to BABB for the final away game of the season. Will Watts still has 250 hours of community service to complete. Richard Watts was in bed nursing a “hangover from hell” after Tuesday night and Little Richard was working out ways to escape for tonight’s final.

Agnes fielded first and were cheered on, in the sponsored seats, by Lesley Jackson and debutant Frank Brewis’ mum. BABB posted a very healthy 173 from their 18 overs. This was a great effort by BABBB considering Dan Broumpton wasn’t playing – Broumpton still made his presence felt by spreading slurry on the behind field.

Agnes faced some rare pace when they went out to reply. Charlie Watts was nearly decapitated first ball and was soon walking back. Tom Norman was then bounced out. This then saw the second Agnes league debutant, Glenn Quagmire Dodds enter the crease. Glen was dressed from head to toe in his Lancashire junior kit. Seeing the red rose on Glen’s helmet only angered the already pumped up fast bowler. The red rose on Glen’s helmet was nearly smashed first ball by another searing bouncer.

With Agnes now 60-5. The game was all but done. Enter Ollie (Yes Ollie) Becketts. Something has happened to Ollie in Grimsby – his hair was ruffled, he had more hair on his chest and his eyed looked like he hadn’t slept for a week. Ollie blasted 10 sixes and 6 fours in an assault rarely seen. The ball coming back with more and more of Brummy’s slurry on each time. With the Skipper hitting another left handed six, it went right down to the final 3 balls. This was a truly great effort to get so close.

Whilst enjoying a Brandesburton charcuterie board, port moment was awarded to Ollie Grimsby- Becketts.  

We regret to report that the little boy who collected the balls from the slurried field tragically passed away from hepatitis in the early hours of this morning

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RBA 116-71 8 Overs lost to Driffield 117-1 15.2 Overs

At the back end of the heatwave, Agnes hosted Driffield Rec, the opponents for next week’s Hospital Cup final. Little Richard was chained up in his secret, underground basement. Richard gets just enough 3G to check in on the scores using the phone he smuggled in there up his back passage.

Last week’s match ball sponsor Gerrard Langton took his place in the sponsored seats alongside fellow benefactors, The Duct Cleaning Company and Hudson Recruitment.

After last week’s heroics at North Dalton and the drubbing that was imposed on Hornsea, it was Agnes’ turn to be on the wrong end of a result. The two Watts opened up again. The highlight of the night was frustrated father, Richard Watts, telling son William off for going for a 5K jog before the game. Will Watts has made many questionable decisions recently but this one is certainly up there with the worst. Charlie Watts batted well for 32. Little Louis from Ossett hit some sixes and Agnes posted 116 which looked like a par score.

The Agnes then had something happen to them that hasn’t happened all year – the Skipper was hit out of the attack. The Skipper even asking to come off. The Driffield tactics of attacking the head of the beast worked perfectly for them. Let’s hope the Goat can bounce back next week.

Owen Goldsworthy and the experienced Kevin Woodcock knocked off the runs with ease. It must be noted that Kev Woodcock entered the pitch whilst smoking a cigarette – this is the preparation that wins games – not 5K jogs. 

This was a dark night for Agnes. Joe Edmunson’s dad was seen leaving after the 6 over mark. SGT Wilson was heard spinning in his grave and Stoz’s mum and dad said they won’t watch another game until there is a new management and leadership group within the team. All in all, a dark night for the Agnes.

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Agnes 138-5 18 overs Beat South Dalton Chaps 118 -6 18 overs

In the final stage of ‘returning to normal’ after the pandemic, Agnes boarded the bus at Manor Court to travel for the annual South Dalton Fixture.

The Skipper joined little Richard in the ‘not got permission to play club’. This was a worrying decision for the Skipper with many already calling for his head. Fred Langton wasn’t allowed to play after the bus trip incident from 2018. Ollie Becketts was having a family tour of the Grimsby Fish Finger Museum and Will Watts had to complete 8 hours at a care home in Cirencester as part of his bail conditions.

Mark Becketts opened the batting with Agnes debutant, Glen Quagmire Dodds. They made a careful start against some testing bowling. The game was evenly matched at this point and being played in the correct spirit for this fixture. Enter little Louis from Ossett. Little Louis hit the ball all over South Dalton and impressively hit a tree on the full – the ball ricocheting off and killing a small family of rabbits. Rob Fryer hit his first ever four and thanks to Ossett’s 70 from 14 balls Agnes posted a healthy score.

Stan Fryer and Stan Fryer’s dad opened the bowling. Stan Fryer’s dad having to dig deep in the memory to visualise his 5 wickets against BABB. Debutant number two, Young Frank Brewis was introduced and picked up an impressive 3 wickets. Frank bowling the final over to see Agnes to victory.   

Port was swilled afterwards in the Pipe and Glass. The South Dalton committee decided to award the port moment to ‘Lewis’ for his six hitting exploits. Richard Watts called Burton Agnes ‘burfn afi’ in a drunken speech and most importantly the chefs cooked too many burgers and chips.

The bus was boarded and normality had finally been restored.  A gleaming manager stood proudly on the bus and said, “it doesn’t get much better than that!’

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Agnes 168 – 6 18 Overs Hornsea Lifeboat Crew 68 ao

The Agnes men were on the road this Thursday evening at the Hollis Recreation Ground. With the two Watts turning up late it meant that The MBP and Khan Ward opened up. Khan Ward was dismissed early on and was called sh*t by one of the Hornsea characters. Little Louis from Ossett entered the crease and the game quickly became as one sided as 15 men running at a single toilet cubicle down in Cirencester. 

When Little Louis from Ossett was dismissed, Fred Langton joined the crease. Fred asked for centre stump and then, trying to act like his new hero Joe Root, he tapped his bat on the crease 3 times. With his helpless father looking on, Fred played down the wrong line and was dismissed first ball – much to the delight of some members. Agnes ended on a very healthy 168. MBP 54, Ossett 47, Ollie 30, Fred Bradley 20.

Khan Ward was introduced early into the attack to seek some revenge on the earlier said character. It took Khan all of 3 balls to uproot his middle stump and then return an eye watering volley of insults.

The game was then petering out to a straight forward Agnes victory. This was until Will Watts, unknowingly, managed to cause an upset of Russia –Ukraine levels. With some light drizzle in the air and bowling the dying overs, Will repeatedly said, “I can’t grip the ball, it’s too wet!”. With this, the Hornsea umpires pulled the stumps up and walked for the covers. Mark Beckett’s head spun back 15 years and he was primed and ready for a battle. The game was eventually finished with the Goat doing what he does best and taking wickets – This league really is too easy for him now.

Port moment was awarded to the generous Gerrard Langton.

A big thank you must go out to this week’s match ball sponsor – Bridlington Motor Auction.

The auction is every Tuesday at 6pm, they welcome customers to bid in the auction hall or online. Their office is open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to assist you with all aspects of buying and selling.

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Agnes Chaps 108-5 beat North Dalton 88-8 18o

As this summer heatwave continued to rage on, The Agnes Chaps found themselves in the Hospital Cup semi-final. This was a testing team to select for The Manager; 7 men were either sick, lame or lazy. When Sam Appleton and Jordans Zamunda then dropped out, making it 9 men unavailable, there were similar scenes in the Hudson head office to that of The Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Agnes took the field with a bare XI. This XI including a one legged Mark Becketts. Agnes lost the toss and were put into bat. Will Watts was in this eleven and arrived looking rather green and holding his stomach. Whilst holding his tummy, Will asked his scoring father, “Can I have the car keys dad? I need to go to that pub for a sh*t!” To which a nervous Richard replied,

“No you f#ck*ng can’t William, get out there and bat!”

The two Watts opened up and faced a testing opening spell from the always dangerous Drury brothers. At 39 – 2 at the ten over mark, there was a platform to bat from. Brothers, the MBP and the BBP swung from the hip and got Agnes to a par score of 108. The Skipper (or the Goat) hitting a truly remarkable switch hit for 6 in the penultimate over.

With a par score posted, everything would have to go right for the Agnes in the field to even have a chance of winning. Step forward the two Goats; the Skipper and the Flame. The Skipper removed George Drury with the help of an Ossett wonder catch. The Flame then had Alec Drury’s stumps cartwheeling to Tibthorpe. The Skipper then saw off the two Walgate Brothers in consecutive balls. The Flame then had Clarkson caught once again by young Ossett. Young Ossett calmed everyone’s nerves with a direct hit and then it was time for Young Ossett himself and brother Ollie to see the Agnes home.

On this extraordinary evening, the Port moment was awarded to the Skipper for a remarkable all round performance.

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Agnes Chaps 128-6 beat Grindale 90-7 (18o)

On yet another sunny evening, the Agnes men hosted the once feared Grindale. With many of their big ego characters now retired, they are no longer the juggernaut of arrogance from years gone by.

Little Richard was once again away; this time on an all-inclusive holiday in Cyrpus. Richard is either selling a lot of concrete or he is continuing to use the videos of Richard Watts to his advantage.  Ollie Becketts was a late drop out; he was at the Hunmanby STI clinic after he had a rather nasty rash flare up during the day.

Agnes begun with the two Watts striding to the crease. Charlie, crouching, stroking and caressing the ball into gaps. Will, bludgeoning, clubbing and battering the ball to the boundary. Fred Langton said, if he had a choice, he would much prefer Charlie to make love to him than Will.

Will Watts ended with a deserved 50 and this was the pillar Agnes were able to bat around. The shirtless Tom arrived late and helped to set a competitive score of 128.

In reply, The Skipper once again proved that he is too good for this league. Along with Khan Ward they ripped the guts out of Grindale and after 4 overs the game was pretty much done. Grindale ending on a sorry 90-7.

The chaps arrived back at the Manor keenly awaiting pizza and the port moment. The visa-less Little Louis from Ossett was nervously waiting to see if he could extend his record, by making it 4 awards from 4. When it was awarded to the violent Will Watts and not Young Ossett, Fred Langton was heard muttering, “Thank f*ck for that!”. Fred will have a disciplinary meeting for his underhanded comment. The Agnes committee will decide his fate.

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Agnes Redskins 118-6 beat Middleton 118-7

The Agnes travelled to Middleton on an overcast Thursday evening. Sam Appleton was classic Sam Appleton – he was out, then in, then out, then in and then in again before the red ball finally fell on out. Little Richard arrived in a 22 plate Land Rover Defender, further proving that the videos he uses to blackmail Richard Watts have done wonders for his wages.

The Flame opened up with the shirtless Tom. The shirtless Tom being the more economical. Crowd favourite Ben Brown getting the early break through though. The Skipper was then introduced and used all of his experience to pick up a simple 3 wickets. Middleton overseas professional Shane Lehman batted through for Middleton for a well-deserved 60.

Agnes started well, Young Chisel of Carnaby running well.

But once again it was time for Little Louis from Ossett to enter the crease. Little Louis had the impressive line in the scorebook of 6661666. Louis was racing to a 50 in record time until he was snaffled by the wicketkeeper who along with the bowler gave him an excellent send off.

The rain then began to pour and tensions were heightened.

The Agnes were asked to put the plastic chairs inside to stop them from getting wet – yes, this really did happen. Dan Fryer was missing leg side wides and it was looking like the weather may be the winner. This was until a calming Albert Boynton announced that the rain was getting lighter visibility was close to zero at this point. The Agnes reached the finish line just in time with a delightful cover drive from the shirtless Tom.

Port moment was awarded to number 1 draft pick Little Louis from Ossett. This is now 3 times in a row for the ginger haired assassin. Because of Ossett’s 3″ award in a row, proud father Mark decided that it was best that Ollie from Grimsby travelled home in a dog cage to give young Ossett more car space.

In other news, the shirtless Tom was given one of the harshest and most severe punishments of a one game pizza ban by the Agnes committee for continued none shirt wearing. It must be noted that the Skipper poked SGT Wilson in the eyes, causing him to lose sight and he walked away unpunished.

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BA 153-4 beat MANDCC 121-6

The Agnes welcomed MNDCC for the first round of the return fixtures. The Manager was travelling up first class from London and Fred Langton now has enough grey hairs to be insured and arrive in his dads Aston Martin.

The Watts’ brothers opened the batting and with Col Suggitt bowling his usual spell of 5 overs for 12 runs, it was looking like 100 would be a par score.

Enter Louis Beckett. Louis was dropped for a six over the boundary, this then seemed to kick start Louis into the golden child his dad and grandad are so proud of. Little Louis from Ossett hit ball after ball into Albert’s corn field. Louis was eventually dismissed for 76. Mark Beckett confirmed at the half way point that Ollie Becketts will now be sleeping outside, just in case Louis gets too hot in his own room at night.

MNDCC made an excellent fist at the reply. Alec Stewart Drury and Breiviks Walgate swinging from the hip from ball one. At 100-1 with 5 overs left it was game on. Will Watts and the MBP were involved in a minor fracas at this point but this was glossed over after the game. Little Louis from Ossett and some other bowler from the other end saw the Agnes home with some tight overs.

This turned out to be a classic Agnes victory. The Manager turning up just in time to cap off a good day for him. Port moment was a tough one. Jordans Zamunda took an excellent catch. But it was shared between Little Ossett and rather differently, Breiviks Walgate. Fielding on a dry Agnes outfield always has its challenges, Walgate however proved that with

30 grown men jeering and heckling you that it becomes virtually impossible.

In more after game activity, Tom Norman was fined by the Agnes committee for repeated offences of none shirt wearing.

Tom was given a cocktail of chilli and garlic by henchmen Mark Beckett with The Manager standing over. “Let this be a warning to the rest of you!” were The Managers last words before making a swift get away. We do regret to say that Judge McGivern found Tom in the Manor Court car park this morning. He was pronounced dead at the scene with 4 traces of poison in his system

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RBA 139-6 beat Beeford Tigers 60 oa

On the Summer Solstice, the Agnes travelled to Beeford. Will Watts’ house arrest was over so he was available. A jetlagged Ollie Becketts returned and was wearing a Stuttgart shirt. And a limping Mark Becketts was still side-lined.

Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Will Watts had a regulation dismissal – the ball hitting his gloves and looping to the wicket keeper. Ollie Becketts had no choice but to raise his finger. Will said he never touched it or felt anything. This is yet more proof that Will’s brain is severely damaged from the beating the white police officers gave him down in Cirencester.

Tom Norman and Charlie Watts then got the Agnes off to a flyer. When both were dismissed the MBP and Louis Beckett of Ossett then also chipped in to see Agnes reach 139.

It was then a throwback to the old Div 2/3/4 days with the Skipper and The Flame opening the bowling. A throwback to a simpler time when men didn’t vape, when the term ‘gender neutral’ didn’t exist and when Little Richard was allowed out on the lash with the lads.  

Will Watts may be showing signs of brain damage but his brain was still working enough to call the Skipper McDonalds head and encourage Prince Albert as he ran in to bowl. Albert ending with 3 wickets. The Flame with 4 and the Skipper with 2.

The new highlight of the season then happened at The Tiger. The team having a sit down meal. It’s almost like the Beeford team were teasing the Agnes chaps into life back in Div 2.

Port Moment was awarded to Little Louis of Ossett for a truly remarkable one handed catch. Proud father Mark tried to play it cool but rumour has it that his pocket money has been increased again and a new private number plate is on order.

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RBA98-8 lost to BABB 99-7

During this summer heatwave, The Agnes hosted old rivals BABB. The skipper was away auditioning to play the part of Zinedine Zidane in his younger years. The skipper didn’t get the part so fortunately he will be back for next week’s fixtures. Little Richard, who is displaying all the symptoms of domestic abuse, was once again barred from attending. And Ollie Becketts took a spontaneous flight (which shocked all of his family) to Dusseldorf to try and rekindle his love affair with his old mistress.

Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Alpha male Sam Appleton muscled his way to 30, hitting some lovely boundaries. Sam was involved in a unique incident; Sam was bowled a beamer which he tried to hit over the bowling green, his bat snapped clean in half, the ball was looping to a fielder at midwicket but the flying bat intercepted the ball and hit the ball again in mid-air to distract the fielder. Being cheered on by a grumpy SGT Wilson, who unsurprisingly wanted “two” during all runs, the Agnes managed to creep to 98 which is always a good score.

The Agnes replied well. Sam Appleton and Jordans Zamunda started tight, this was then backed up Khan Ward and Louis Beckett. Louis redeeming himself well after dropping his 1′

Agnes catch. It had been a torrid few overs for the Becketts.

Louis dropping his first catch, then letting one run through his legs. Mark Beckett then capped it all off with what looked like a nasty knee injury. Mark is responding well to pain killers in Bridlington ICU but it is still touch and go as to whether or not the leg is amputated.

BABB needed 8 runs off the last over, Little Zamunda said he felt confident bowling a Neil Wagner length of banging it in.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work. Batsmen Sam Lakin caused as much carnage in these two balls as Will Watts and the Newcastle Agrics do when they see a freshly painted conference suite at Cirencester. BABB were the eventual winners in what was a great game.

With no skipper, it gave an opportunity for other members to be pigs when the pizza came out. Ben Brown elbowed Albert in the face and he told Judge McGivern that more teams were coming. Port moment was awarded to Rob Fryer for a juggling catch.

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RBA 89 – 9 16 overs lost to Wetwang 70 ao 14.2 overs

On a wicket that was as badly damaged as the Cirencester RUFC toilets after the Newcastle Agrics had given it a good seeing to, Agnes batted first. 89 on this track was like scoring 230 on a normal wicket.

Sam Appleton and Tom Norman managed to hit boundaries to build a decent score. The Jacketless Sam Moore was always going to struggle to score 60 on this track – even his lucky gold medallion was no use. Little Louis of Ossett was run out for a 3rd time and The Skipper ended the innings with a reverse sweep for 4.

Sam Appleton then confirmed his God like status, taking 5 wickets for 3 runs. All of his wickets coming from the Ollie Becketts end. Golden Child, Ollie Becketts claiming 3 wickets for also not many. Port moment was unsurprisingly awarded to Sam Appleton for a stellar performance

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Agnes 112 – 9 20 overs lost to Driffield 113-4 18 overs

The Agnes arrived at Driff Rec with a heavily depleted squad. Ben Brown was having penis reduction surgery at Castle Hill Hospital. Sam Appleton was on speed awareness course. Mark Beckett was at a Poker night at GOAT. Charlie Watts was visiting Will Watts at Cirencester Prison and The Manager was back in Italy. Good news however was that Golden Boy, Ollie Beckett was back in the ranks.

With the Manager away in Italy, it meant that Richard Watts stepped in as relief manager. Richard instantly lowered the players wages, stopped overtime and abolished the players pension scheme.  

Cheered on by little Richard drinking cheap wine in his mother in laws basement and by the Manager who was surrounded by Italian royalty, the Agnes won the toss and had a bat. Little Louis from Ossett hit a six but no one else really got going.  The Jacketless Sam Moore then raced to 21 and it looked like tonight could be, ‘the night’.  Sam was then caught in the covers. Khan Ward then made sure the score got above 100 finishing on 31 not out.

Agnes were then always in the game. The skipper bowling 5 very tight overs of spin and being backed up by everyone. When Khan Ward caught the dangerous Owen Goldsworthy on the boundary (ripping his sleeve in the process) it was advantage Agnes. Driffield then applied their own version of ‘cheat mode’ by introducing Tot Ritchie. Tot can run singles even when it is in the keepers hands. Tot’s so fast he can turn off his bedroom light and be in bed, tucked up and asleep before the light is even off. Driffield reached the total with 2 overs to spare.

Port moment was awarded to the sleeveless Khan Ward for a fine all-round display. 31 runs, 3 wickets and a catch worthy of port moment its self. Khan’s brother Azamat was beaming with pride when he was awarded the port.

Attached is a picture of Freddie Langton consoling a dejected Khan Ward after the loss.

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RBA 84-2 9.1 Overs Beat Hornsea Seadogs 83-6 18 Overs

On another sunny evening, the Agnes Chaps hosted the freshly promoted Hornsea Seadogs. Unfortunately for the Seadogs, this affair turned out to be about as one sided as the time Fred was beaten to within an inch of his life on the South Dalton bus trip.

Hornsea got off to a flyer thanks to some early wayward bowling. The Skipper was then introduced to the attack and was able to marginally slow the run rate. It was then when The Boy Who Cried Wolf (TBWCW), Sam Appleton and Khan Ward were introduced to the attack that Hornsea really found things tough. This was then backed up nicely by Little Zamunda and the wily Mark Beckett. Mark nearly registering the magical figures of 3-3, this was until Charlie Watts stepped over the boundary for a six.

Cheered on by Little Richard in his basement via WhatsApp, Little Louis from Ossett opened up with the Jacketless Sam Moore. Moore so keen to earn his jacket, he arrived 45 minutes early and has recently bought a new bat. Little Louis was soon trudging back to the pavilion. The Manager was heard saying that if Louis scores 20 runs then he can also have a jacket. TBWCW joined Moore and quickly found top gear, peppering the bowling green and maize field with balls. Appleton was unable to carry his bat with him being bowled by a seed of a delivery from an opposing female. Appy finished on 58 and Moore was unbeaten on 19, just 41 runs short.

The highlight of the season so far was Hornsea not returning for Pizza, and if the eagle eyed Judge McGivern wasn’t there then it could have been Pizza Dreamland. The excitement was all a bit too much for The Skipper. Firstly, rubbing scalding cheese in the Pig’s eye and then being involved in a pizza related wedgie incident with Fred Langton. Langton displaying the aggression that troubled him and his family so badly throughout his education.

Port moment was awarded to the Hornsea female and the port from last week’s heroics was also drunk.

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Agnes Chaps 135 – 3 Beat Grindale 134-6 16

The Agnes played at Duke’s Park on a delightful summers evening. Ben Brown failed his lifeguard qualification last Thursday so was resitting it this week. Sam Appleton was at an AA Meeting in Barmby Moor. Richard Watts was allowed back into the scorebox on the condition that he wore an LGBT flag as a jumper. Good news for Agnes, Will Watts has been released from Cirencester prison. Will’s 7pm curfew does however mean he is still unavailable.

Agnes bowled first and Little Louis from Ossett and Tom started well. It was when the Ward Bros came into the attack that the game came to life. Finn Ward was hit for 3 consecutive sixes. It was looking like Finn might make the Bridlington Free Press for all the wrong reasons. Finn however dismissed the destructive batsmen with his 4″ ball and then proceeded to unleash the biggest of send offs, full of expletives and hand gestures to the departing batter. In the field, the ball followed Danny Fryer and Monkey Pox sufferer Fred Langton. Agnes ended strong with Charlie Watts bowling well.

Little Louis from Ossett opened with Tom and made a steady start. When both were dismissed, the Jacketless Sam Moore joined the MBP. Things were looking rope when Moore was out. Watched on by Sam Wragg and his brother, the cool headed Charlie Watts helped The Pig in a partnership that saw the Agnes cross the finish line with an over to spare. Charlie ending on 19 and The Pig on 69.

The after game curry saw Young Ossett have his first pint of Cobra. Mark Beckett then had to sit up with a tearful Louis and a sick bucket until the early hours of the morning. Fred Langton shocked us all by nearly swallowing a boiled egg whole and Danny Fryer downed a pint of Guinness without batting an eye lid.

Port Moment was shared between Charlie Watts and The MBP.

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Agnes Chaps 103-4 18 overs lost to Middleton 103-3 14.1 overs

-4 18 overs

The Agnes chaps welcomed Middleton and North Dalton 2nds this week, hoping to kick start the season with a win.

Richard Watts was banned by the committee for one week after his incident last week. This gave Richard the time needed to drive to Cirencester to collect son, Will. A jacketless Sam Moore made himself unavailable and The Flame was renewing his lifeguarding qualification.

Wearing new shirts, Agnes batted first and the Pig was soon bowled. Louis Beckett was just getting going and it looked like he might return to the boundary hitter that the whole club crave. Little Louis from Yapham was then run out once again mirroring another failed bleep test at Hull City AFC. If Louis Is run out next week then there may be a pizza ban imposed on him by the Manager. It was left for Charlie Watts once again to drop anchor. The well behaved Watts scored a delightful 46 not out and Little Jordan Zamunda accompanied him perfectly. Charlie Watts hit his first six. Richard Watts, whilst down in Cirencester felt a strange feeling in his chest at the time of Albert lifting both arms. It was later discovered that Richard suffered a rather serious aneurism. The club wish Richard all the best.

Agnes scored 103 and the locals thought this was possibly 10-

20 above par. Middleton’s new signing Reubens Syrup soon made a mockery of the score. Syrup is looking like a very shrewd signing by MNDCC chairman Tom Walgate who signed the batter on a free transfer this winter. Only Marley Ward and last summer’s record signing Sam Appleton were able to contain the boundaries.

Port moment was awarded to the skipper for rolling back the years with a sublime one handed catch.

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Agnes Chaps 102 -9 lost North Dalton CC 103 – 6 19.4 overs

The Agnes chaps arrived at a well fertilized North Dalton ground. A picturesque ground that is always an enjoyable night for the travelling Agnes men.

Agnes won the toss and batted. This gave Louis Beckett the chance to reignite his cricketing talents. Louis hit a towering six over the changing rooms but it was then back to reality for Little Louis from Ossett. He was run out in very similar circumstances to his failed bleep tests at Hull City. When Louis’ opening partner, the jacketless Sam Moore was dismissed, it sparked a collapse. Agnes were soon 20-6.

Jordan Zamunda and Charlie Watts dug in and thanks to many extras by Brieviks Larson with his bowling style of pace, spin and wides it meant Agnes posted a decent score. The Flame was involved in a comical mid pitch fall and scorer, Richard Watts told the Dalton scorer, Mary that 69 is his favourite number. The Agnes committee will be holding a formal investigation to address Richard’s conduct.

The Agnes chaps bowled well. Alpha male, Sam Appleton was economical, the Flame bowled one unplayable delivery and Jordan Zamunda was involved in a mid-pitch shove as the game became tight. Marley Ward trapped Alec Drury in front of all 3 and proud brother Finn was seen clenching his fists when the umpires finger went up.

The game went to the final over and George Drury sealed the win with a towering six. Port moment was awarded to the Flame for his incredible fall.

All in all, it was an enjoyable first game back for the Agnes chaps.

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